Green Gables and Happy Endings

It’s hard not to think of Anne of Green Gables when you think of Prince Edward Island.  And PEI has done its best to capitalize on this precious commodity! There’s Avonlea – a Disney like experience where you can interact with your favorite “Anne” characters and be charmed by vignettes throughout the village.  If we had had some grand-girls with us, I know we would have taken that in. There are entire theatre productions – Anne of Green Gables – the Musical or Anne and Gilbert – the Musical to fill your evenings.  If we’d had a couple more nights in town, we might have gone to one of those shows. But we chose to go the “purest” route (also, I must confess, the easiest on the budget route), with a visit to the actual Green Gables house, where cousins of L.M. Montgomery lived and was in truth the inspiration for the location of the original story.
Green Gables-10
The house and surrounding area are part of the Provincial Parks System and are beautifully maintained. We got to walk through the Haunted Woods, –
Green Gables-7
wander around the grounds
Green Gables-2
Green Gables-3
and through the house
Green Gables-8
and be charmed by any number of little girls with straw hats and long red braids.
Green Gables-4
Green Gables-5
We resisted the urge to purchase our OWN straw hats with braids, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we imagined Anne and Marilla and Matthew here in this place. Of course, it helped that we had watched the entire PBS “Anne of Green Gables” the night before and were more than ready to imagine the White Way of Delight and the Lake of Shining Waters! (And it’s very possible that Rosie and I were doing a little bit more imagining than John and Gary!)
After Green Gables we went in search of Rosie’s Birthday Treat – a Lobster Roll lunch. I can’t say we found the best lobster roll on the island, but the waiter did direct us to a free beach and we always love things with the word “free” attached. (Not too much of that “free” stuff on PEI!).
While Rosie and I took a walk down the beach
the guys checked out a crumbling jetty.
I mean REALLY crumbling!
It was a full day and we ended with a stop for some Cows Ice Cream, because, really, isn’t every day excursion better with a dish of ice cream in it?
Plus it made up for that somewhat disappointing lobster roll at lunch!

We made it back to the campground with plenty of time for a home cooked dinner and our viewing of  Anne of Avonlea – the Sequel. The guys were so pleased! Well, about the dinner part anyway. 🙂


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