PEI Lighthouses

Prince Edward Island is home to the highest concentration of lighthouses in any Canadian province or state in North America. In fact, there are a total of 63 lighthouses and rangelight buildings dotted along its 1,100 miles of coastline. We did not find them all. In fact we didn’t even come close, but we did have a good time tracking down as many as we could as we toured around the island. Some were open to the public, some were privately owned, and some were just plain too hard to get close to! Ready?
North Rustico Lighthouse -near that disappointing lobster roll lunch.
PEI Wednesday-3
Point Prim Lighthouse – the oldest on the island (in service since 1845) and one of the few round brick (though it is now covered with wooden shingles) construction lighthouses in Canada.
PEI Wednesday-7
Woods Island Lighthouse – built in 1876 and located on the southern most point of PEI.
PEI Wednesday-10
Cape Bear Lighthouse – Built in 1881, it was the first to receive the Titanic’s distress signal as it sank off of Newfoundland.
PEI Wednesday-12
Panmure Head Lighthouse – built in 1853, it was PEI’s first wooden lighthouse.
Georgetown Range Front
When we spotted this one we decided it was just a lighthouse wannabe since it was on a lovely estate (with a big NO TRESPASSING sign), but as I was doing some research it turns out that it IS an old lighthouse – the Georgetown Range Front and has been converted into an apartment.
PEI Wednesday-14
This one is the the Georgetown Range Rear – on private property and I think it’s been decommissioned.
PEI Lighthouse
Can’t remember where this one was found, so I can’t locate the name. Sorry.
PEI lighthouse-1
Haven’t a clue where we found this one – and we obviously couldn’t get too close!  I’m pretty sure, though, that there is water on the other side of the lighthouse!
PEI Lighthouse-2
Ah, now this one I know! It’s at Victoria by the Sea, and was beautifully kept (as was the entire seaport, actually!)
PEI Lighthouse-3
This is the Blockhouse Point Lighthouse – that’s Charlottetown across the inlet.
And finally, this is the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse on Brackley Beach. Our last lighthouse of our days in PEI, and it was a spectacular evening!

Thanks for coming along on this little lighthouse tour!  If you’d like to know more about the many lighthouses on Prince Edward Island, I found this great little website –– that was very helpful to me!  Check it out!

Still sorting through pictures, so stop back tomorrow for more of The Gentle Island – PEI!

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