Behind the scenes…..

Because we, the Conrads, and our traveling buddies, the Stoners, are essentially cheap  thrifty, we decided to take just one RV (theirs) and one truck (also theirs) for our week in the Maritimes.  It turned out to be a great plan – the savings on meals and accommodations more than out-weighed the extra expense of driving an 8 MPG vehicle.  And it made for some unusual shots.
Like Gary in the passenger seat.
John did most of the driving –
John Driving
he seemed pretty relaxed, dontcha think? Ah, the blessing of cruise control!
Rosie and I enjoyed stretching out in the back.
Rosie Reading
steph lounging
I know, I know, we should have dug out the seat belts from under the sofas, but I have to tell you, we were pretty darn comfortable as we sped down the highway!
Another bonus of traveling with friends is that you have help in composing some of your pictures.
I wanted to get a close up of this flower, but right in the background was a big ol’ factory. Here is Rosie giving me a hand with repositioning its location.
Of course, John wanted to help too! 🙂
Although most of the time I was photographing the scenery, occasionally we did see a little action.
We had pulled over to the side of the road so I could get this shot-
PEI - 7.28.11-24
Suddenly Gary was out of the truck and walking down the road trying to get my attention.
PEI - 7.28.11-29
“Look, it’s a fox. I’ll try to flush him out!”
I knew the chances of my actually pointing my camera in the right spot in that potato field was pretty slim, but I kept pointing and clicking and pointing and clicking. And I was sorta kinda successful on one of them –
PEI - 7.28.11-30
Can you spot him? Over there on the right? I’m quite the wildlife photographer, eh?
Speaking of wildlife – while we were at Victoria by the Sea
PEI - 7.28.11-49
we took a stroll down the wharf and saw bubble rising out of the water.
PEI - 7.28.11-56
I don’t think this crab had anything to do with the bubbles (nor did I really get any more of an answer than it was just some type of chemical reaction on the bottom of the sea floor?) but I thought it was a pretty cool picture.
And while we’re on the subject of Victoria by the Sea – I wonder just what this fellow is doing (or even just what he’s supposed to be?)
PEI - 7.28.11-42
PEI - 7.28.11-43
Hmmmm….a giant Abraham Lincoln puppet heading to the lighthouse? That will be another unsolved mystery from our time on PEI!
Then there were these guys on this odd boat, floating in the midst of these bouys.
PEI - 7.27.11-54
This picture is pretty zoomed in – mussel harvesting, maybe?

Moving on…..
There are two ways to get onto PEI – via the 8 mile Confederation Bridge (from New Brunswick) or the ferry that goes between PEI and Nova Scotia. Both of them are free to get ON the island.
PEI - 7.27.11-22
We looked at both options carefully, and finally decided that the 8 mile bridge @ $60.00 to get off the island made more sense that the $115.00 ferry ride.

Remember, we were being cheap  thrifty. 🙂

Since tomorrow we are planning on a little jaunt “down state” to visit Campobello Island, where for many years Franklin Roosevelt spent summers, this might just be my last post regarding our wonderful Atlantic Maritime vacation.  Thanks for coming along with my “after the fact” posts.  It’s been grand reliving it with you!   There are (of course) a couple more photos than what I’ve posted here, and I’ve tried to break them down by groups.  Here goes –

PEI-Behind the scenes

PEI – Lighthouses

PEI – Green Gables

Prince Edward Island – most of the above three sets are in this one

Hopewell Rocks – New Brunswick

Reversing Falls – St. John, New Brunswick

New Brunswick – The Falls, the Rocks, our Friends, and miscellaneous other NB shots

Atlantic Maritimes – the whole bunch of them all together!


Better get those passports out again – Campobello Island is back in Canada!



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  1. Rosie must be a really good friend to let you publish that photo. She did give permission, right?
    Nice Post!

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