East Grand Lake

There is just “something” about lakefront view, isn’t there?
Our view of East Grand Lake was no exception!
Even as the day clouded over, the view continued to captivate me-
Aug 2011 373
It’s been tough arriving for breakfast and having to look out the window at this –
Lake Early
Ah, the early morning mist!
With a view like this, the clouds are always painting a new picture –
and then just moments later, the canvas changes….
Whether the sky was blue
or threatening
and whether we were watching kids getting ready for an adventure
or just hanging around peeling potatoes –
the view of this beautiful lake was always inspiring.
Lake at Sunset-1
How very blessed are we!

“He leadeth me beside the still waters, He restoreth my soul”
Psalm 23:2b-3

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One thought on “East Grand Lake”

  1. Just stopped in to vacation with you via your pictures. Enjoying your ride from my computer room chair. Thank you Stephanie for these awesome pictures. We had friends that lived in Houlton Maine for many many years. He was a christian school administrator in Houlton, Maine. He now lives in southern Maine, but still has not sold his home there in Maine.

    Again, enjoying your ride. You are blessed, indeed.

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