The Fireplace

Tonight is a fire-in-the-fireplace night. Yesterday was hot and sticky and we slept with the doors and windows open and the ceiling fan spinning. It was not a typical September day in Vermont. Today dawned cloudy and cool – the rains arrived in full force by early afternoon, and tonight we’re nice and cozy in front of the fire.
I love this fireplace. To me it is really the essence of our Cabin. I’ve been told that when the cabin was built (1937 give or take a year) the fireplace cost as much as the building did. Today those round river rocks hold the same beauty that they did back then, but it’s not just the beauty of the stones that hold my affection, but the whole fireplace area.
There’s the ship’s clock that has kept time here at the cabin for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the first things I do when I get to the Cabin – a “good winding” will be good for about a weeks’ worth of tick-tocking me to sleep! See the picture next to the clock? That’s a picture of some of  the original buildings that were on this property. The cabin and the woodshed are actually built on the foundations (huge slabs of granite) of this little settlement. I’ve been told that some of the houses were moved to other sites – quite a feat I should say for the 1930’s!

Here’s the key to the clock (really, it’s quite a miracle that we’ve kept track of that key for all these years, don’t you think?) and a couple of sand dollars. Now I’m not quite sure just what sand dollars have to do with the cabin, but my Mom put them there, and I can promise you they will stay until they fall apart! And that’s just the way it is!
Ah, the cast iron collection! I love this stuff, and I’ve been trying to cook with those pans each day.
I think they just make everything taste better!
The harness race horse/Dwinell sign came from my folk’s mailbox. My dad was quite into the harness racing scene and my sister was also a horse lover. I bet you can see some other horse/barn related items without too much trouble. And the tin plate looking thing at the peak? It covers a hole in the chimney, but I don’t actually have a clue what the hole was for. Maybe it was “just in case” they decided to put a wood stove in? I guess it’s fireplace mystery. 🙂
We have wonderful, functional fireplace pokers and such. Do you know what that gadget with the little legs is ? It’s a fireplace toaster! And believe me, it does a great job! Just make sure to get all the spider webs out before you put in the bread…..
I can’t say this pot has ever heated (or even held) water in my memory, but it’s always been there on the left side of the hearth. Maybe my grandmother brought it up (she was quite a collector of interesting things), or maybe once upon a time it actually served a practical purpose. But for now it anchors that side of the hearth, and that’s good enough for me!
Well, that just about wraps up the fireplace tour. Oh, you’re wondering what’s with the baggie next to the sand dollars?
It seems that every year some little part of nature gets tacked up on the mantel for the rest of the family to enjoy. Some years we’ve had beautiful luna moths or other giant moth bodies that are found in the yard. This year we’re enjoying a snake skin. I’m not sure who tacked this up – but I’ve got a good idea! Next to the “exhibit” is a small child’s toy that my other grandfather carved out of solid piece of wood. I love that!

Thanks for coming along for my little fireplace tour.  I couldn’t mention everything, but as you can see the entire area is filled with special family items.  Some things practical (like the pokers and candles) and some things just pretty (like the “welcome” slate my sister painted).  But all together they make up the “comfort zone” of the cabin.

Can you hear it? ……I think the clock is ticking me to sleep………

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  1. Happy Anniversary Gary and Stephanie. 40 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, but more than an accomplishment, it’s a friendship that cannot be replaced, except a relationship with our Saviour. A wish for 40 more years and may God bless.

    I love this post.

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