That first bite

OK. I decided to start “eating that elephant” with our recent visit with the Ohio Conrads. We hadn’t seen these guys since late March, so we knew we would be in for a wonderful time of getting reacquainted with our cuter than cute grandkids and catching up with our son and his beautiful wife. I know we shouldn’t be surprised that these kids are growing up fast, but really – WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN???!!!!
Here’s Ellie –
She’s the oldest, in third grade and will be 9 in February. NINE. She is so very smart and creative and shoulders the responsibility of being the oldest with grace (at least most of the time!). She loves doing crafts and is even asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. Yes, a girl after my own heart!
This is Hayley –
She’s in first grade and will be 7 in November. She is our “just want to have fun” girl – she’s brave and adventurous and loves to play teacher. Oh, and just about any game that you’ll agree to play with her!
And then there’s Maddie
She’s still home during the day and is LOVING the extra time with Mommy! She’s quite the outgoing young lady and ALWAYS knows what to do when she hears a camera turn on! 🙂 Although she’s three years younger than Hayley (she’ll be 4 in November), she is always trying to do whatever the big girls are doing. And oh, my – what a charmer!
And finally – there’s Noah!
Noah Car
He turned one earlier this month, and is just beginning to toddle around the house. His sisters adore him, and it was so much fun to get to know him a little better. He’s too young to remember us, but we surely will remember him!
We weren’t there for very long, but we managed to fill our time with lots of fun!
Hayley and Maddie and I had a good time at the local playground –
and while the big girls were at school one day, the rest of us went to the zoo!
Like I said, she knows what to do when she sees a camera !
And as a whole family we did some geocaching.
Tammy was the Rock Star of geocaching, finding all but two of the caches. Here she is going the extra mile :).
Everyone seemed to have a good time – and the hunt even ended up in their neighborhood! A very fun afternoon!
Before we left we buckled the girls into the front seat and drove them to Walmart –
RV Ride-1
And once Daddy came to get them home, we gave Noah a shot at the driver’s seat –
RV Ride-2RV Ride-4

“Can I drive it home, Papa?”

Yes, it was a great little family visit with a great (not so little any more!) family!
Ohio Conrad Family - 92011
(ah, the joys of trying to get a family picture!)

There are more pictures of our time in Marysville HERE if you feel up to the cuteness!

See you soon for another bite of that elephant!

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