A Waco Weekend

One thing our kids have learned over the years (especially since we’ve been “on the road”) is to have a list of chores for their Dad when we come to visit. It really makes him crazy if there’s no room to paint or faucet to install or stairs to build. He’s helped Toby build a deck and basement shelves, helped Josiah install windows and outfitted the baby’s closet with shelves, and if you’ve hung around this little blog you know he did a little kitchen thing last year at Lara’s! Well, we spent a nice long weekend in Waco with Lara last weekend and let me tell you, there were tools involved! 🙂 There’s always a long to-do list when you live in a house built in 1919 so it was just a matter of picking the right job to fit the budget and the time-frame. This time repairing the fence seemed to be the chore that fit the bill. And since there are three dogs that live at Lara’s and three at the house next door, a fence repair DEFINITELY seemed like the way to go.
Of course, I don’t have a true “before” picture, but here is one in the early stages of the re-build –
And here are the boards that we were removing….
And here is the fist section completed.
The neighbor (with the OTHER three dogs) was so pleased with the results that he said he’d pay for all the material if Gary could replace the rest of the fence along that side. OK, that was a no-brainer!
The next day, the rest of the fence came down –
and by the end of the day Friday – Voila!
Pretty sweet, eh?
But the weekend wasn’t all work. The three of us played at the Waco Food and Wine Festival along the riverfront downtown on Saturday and it was a perfect day for the event! Bright sunshine, not too hot, gentle breeze……
We each had our little plate and wine glass – and had a grand time sampling food from many local restaurants and wine from local wineries and shops. Lots and lots of choices – but I was especially happy to see an iced tea choice at one of the booths!
Since it was a fund raiser for the Waco Humane Society, there were lots of adoptable puppy dogs hanging around too. 🙂
We joined some of Lara’s friends toward the end at one of the “reserved” tables –
and then later we all went to a local eatery for dinner (please don’t ask me why we needed dinner after grazing all afternoon…….). It was really fun to hang out with all the youngun’s. And I don’t think we embarrassed Lara too much.
Well, I don’t think so, anyway!

So it was a great weekend all around. Gary had fun doing his “thing”, Lara and I helped him when we could (mostly in debris removal), we had some good play time with Lara’s friends and we even got in a couple of HGTV shows (for those of us TV deprived folks!). We’ll be back toward the end of the month….I wonder what will be at the top of the list then?

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