Finding Texoma

Once again we are in a area that is known by a morph or portmanteau (a combination of two words). Remember Ark-La-Tex? Well, we’re are in a area known as Texoma. Get it? Texas and Oklahoma. Here it is on a map –
Texoma Map
See the squiggly line through the middle? That’s the Red River, and it’s the border between Texas and Oklahoma. And we figured since we had never been in this area before we needed to take some time to Find Texoma!
We set out from Charis Hills, just outside of Sunset, and headed towards Muenster.
Along the way we passed a lot of these –
Oil? Natural Gas?
lots of these-
a fair number of these –
and many varieties of these –
Big ol’ Texas style gates!
Mostly the road looked like this –
(does it look like it only rains on one side of the road? Don’t know what that’s all about since we didn’t see any signs of traditional irrigation……)
And look – it’s almost a hill……
Eventually we came to Muenster, population 1544. And why did we want to go to Muenster? We’d heard about a wonderful supermarket there – Fischer’s Thriftway and Meat Market.
The operative word there is Meat Market!
I know I should have taken a picture of their amazing fresh meats, but there was always a crowd standing around so I settled for a shot of this sample table (you call it samples, I call it lunch) and the smoked sausage and cheese display.
We were also delighted to discover that there was some kind of fancy car festival going on!
I “get” the first three cars in this row – roadsters, fancy sports car of some unknown origin, and then a late model Chevy Truck. Really? We didn’t research this anomaly – just noticed it when I was reviewing my pictures. Go figure!
But we enjoyed a little street music –
and some great mural work as we were pulling out of town.
This sweet little town certainly was working hard to put it’s best German foot forward!
But onward – Lake Nocona was calling us. (When I mentioned this morning to our hosts (who have lived in this area for 3 years) that we checked out Lake Nocona, they confessed they had never even heard of it!) But look – we found it!
OK, I can check that little lake of the bucket list. 🙂 Next stop – OKLAHOMA! I had hoped we could make it all the way to Duncan, home to a The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, but it was just a little too far north for us to do on this Saturday. But still, we got to cross the Mighty Red River…..
Yes, I suppose it has seen some mightier days – especially when all those cattle were being taken to market in Kansas!
We made it all the way to Terral, where we tried unsuccessfully to find an historical site that had been promised on a roadside sign.
Oh well, we did take a little tour through town (pop. 350 so it was a very little tour….), and I did manage to take one of my favorite pictures of the day –
I liked it so well, I played with it a little bit with my editing program ….

But I digress…..
From Terral it was a straight shot back to Bowie (the closest “real” town to our SOWER project, with not only a Walmart but also a Tractor Supply and several restaurants over and above the DQ and Sonic! No Lowes or Home Depot, but really for the area, it’s quite a hub!) This was as close as I got to a Chisholm Trail Historic site –
and this
Chisholm Trail
right in Bowie. Go figure!

All in all, a beautiful day for a drive, filled with quiet beauty and just a little bit of history. My kind of day!
If you’d like to learn more about the Chisholm Trail and the millions of cattle that were driven north to market, check out this link – The Chisholm Trail.
And if you’d like to see some more pictures of Texoma – You can find the entire set HERE!
Yep, I think we found Texoma!

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