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Where does the week go????!!! Our project is going great, but before the weekend starts, I wanted to share about Last Weekend. We’re doing Back-to-Back Waco Weekends, and I hate to get too far behind! It was a pretty full weekend – with lots of fun stuff going on!
First on the agenda – Building The Ultimate Bed.
Lara has a pretty small bedroom (with the smallest closet in the house), and has spent the last year or so searching for a platform bed with lots of storage underneath so she could get rid of her dresser and maybe even find some extra space in her closet. She finally decided on The Ultimate Bed, with a total of 16 (!) drawers! Six on each size and four small ones running down the middle that you access from the foot of the bed. Quite amazing, really.
There was only one small problem.
It came in 9 boxes with 35 pages of instructions.
We got started on Friday night –
building the drawer units.
And while it’s true that Gary did the actual “building” (after all, he’s the expert with the power tools), he couldn’t have done it without Lara and I. We kept the screws organized and kept track of the bazillion parts that were needed. And occasionally we were the “could you read those directions again? Do they make sense to you?” helpers. 🙂
Clementine was a big help too!
After the drawer units came the actual drawers…..
The sections were joined together and the center drawers were added.
And finally, the mattress platform was installed.
And by noon on Saturday –
Lara had her very own Ultimate Bed!
Just in time for us all to get our rain gear on to go the the Baylor-University of Texas Game!

Baylor UT-1
We got there early and enjoyed watching the warm up
Baylor UT-2
and we got to see the Baylor “Line” –
Baylor UT-3
which is actually anyone (it seems) who has a gold/yellow shirt on running on the field to greet the players as they come out.
There was lots of team spirit
Baylor UT-4
and it did rain off and on for the entire game
Baylor UT-5
but in the end, it was a great game!
Baylor UT-6
And, yes, Baylor WON!
Baylor UT-7

The Big Event this coming weekend is Lara’s Second Annualish (did not happen last year due to the fact she had no kitchen) Cookie Baking Extravaganza! Definitely seems like a worthwhile reason to hustle back to Waco, doncha think?

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  1. You were at that game????!!! Where were you sitting? My daughter, Leslie, was behind the Baylor sideline, about the 25 yard line, opposite the end from the jumbotron. Awesome game!!

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