Takin’ care of business

After back-to-back fun filled weekends in Waco with Lara, it was good to spend a nice quiet weekend just hanging around home. Friday was cool and drizzly so we took off to town and did our errand running. Nothing too exciting there (though I did get off my final Christmas boxes! Yippee!!!) – just takin’ care of business. But Saturday dawned crisp and clear and after I spent a little bit of time taking pictures, we got to work with the main chore of the day – replacing the slide topper/awning.
Pictures first, though —–
Sure was a purty mornin’, doncha think?
This little kitty has become my buddy (one of my Sower jobs is to feed him/her in the morning).
“Get with it, lady – where’s my breakfast?”
I digress….
On to the awning chore. We’d been nursing this awning along for the last several months (it had started to tear, and was quite temperamental as we would move the slide in and out). This month we finally bit the bullet (Merry Christmas to us!), and ordered a new “topper”.
See – no awning over the slide. The replacement awning is in that tube on the ground.
This definitely was going to be a two ladder, two person job.
But first, the new brackets.
And then…
“Steph? Can you come out here? Time to get up on the ladder…..”
(Ok, so this is a little posed. But there was no one to actually document the work, since we were both (mostly) working.) We really could have used a third person to be inside working the slide,
but without too much fanfare, the task was accomplished!
Good to go!

The day had remained so lovely, that I couldn’t resist a little more camera time down by the lake. This time the turtles sunning themselves caught my eye.
As I tried to get a little closer, they scattered and disappeared into the lake. I continued across the bridge where I was once again struck with how much East Texas in late December looks like Pennsylvania in October –
As I was clicking away on the bridge, I noticed the turtles getting brave once again.
“Come on up, guys, the coast is clear and the sun is fine!”
Ah, the sunshine was pretty irresistible for lots of creatures that afternoon….
I won’t bother you with pictures of Gary & I napping. But trust me, it happened!

If you’d like to see additional picture of the ranch, check them out HERE! (Fair warning, I really like that bridge over the lake!)

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