People, places and things

We’re starting to wrap up our time at Camp Tejas, and I thought I’d “flesh out” our time here. First of all, we’ve met and worked with some great people. Not only were there three SOWER couples here –
But there were six couples from the MMAPs Ministry –
MMAP Team_2
We didn’t necessarily work together, but we shared devotions and breaks and a couple of meals and general good times. It’s always good to meet folks who share our hearts even if we don’t share the SOWER Logo (though we did make them sing the SOWER song most mornings! ūüôā )
And speaking of work – I know I shared a little bit of what we ladies did all month –
Tejas Inn-1
but I haven’t really covered all that the guys did. And believe me, they were plenty busy. They started off with painting (and in fact went back to that during any lulls between jobs)
but probably their biggest project was a covered walkway off of the dining hall.
Came out great, didn’t it? All they had to go on was – Make it look like the other one!
Gary also got to work on another “out of the ordinary” project – making an indoor shuffleboard game. Apparently they had a base and they had the board itself, but they needed the frame to hold the game board.
Here it is getting close to completion –
and here it is just waiting for the board to be installed.
I think it looks great – and I’m really happy that we aren’t in charge of moving it to its final destination!
Today, even though the project is officially over, Gary and Jay built a railing on the golf cart pathway –
We’ll be here until Thursday AM, so who knows what projects he’ll dig up tomorrow and Wednesday!

I think this is enough chatter for tonight! I’ll get to the Places and Things in my next post!

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  1. Great pictures! I recognize a couple of things but for the most part I think Camp Tejas has been changed again for the better. I am still amazed at the projects the Sowers undertake and do such a terrific job, wish I was young and able again!!

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