You just never know.

Today started quite quietly.  The temperatures had warmed up and the air was still.  The early morning mist surrounded us as we walked to work.
If any day had held excitement, it would have been yesterday when Gary’s job was to repair and change the light bulbs on the lights by the pool.
You know, the kind that they mount on old telephone poles.
Tall Ladder
But he’s a smart ladder guy. He had that baby tied down on three sides and then once he got up there, he tied himself to the ladder for stability.
And then he had ME hold the ladder. Right. Like I could have done anything to prevent an accident at that point. I was a nervous wreck just looking up at him.
But all went well. Electrical stuff fixed, bulbs changed, lights ready for the swimming season. Phew. Get that boy off that ladder, I say!
So, back to today.
Quiet morning. Thoughtful devotions. Everyone off to work. I was just getting started on the day’s project when someone came running to get me.
Gary had unknowingly stepped on a board that hadn’t been all the way secured and went right through.
To the ground.
Now he wasn’t knocked unconscious, but he knew he had jolted his back badly and was smart enough to just stay still. Choosing rather to be safe than sorry, we called 911, and had him transported to the local ER. Backboard and neck brace complete.
He was seen right away in the ER, and after X-rays it was determined that nothing was broken and, that unless other symptoms presented themselves, it was “just” a back sprain and he needed to keep quiet for the next couple of days. And take drugs as needed for the pain.
I think I knew he was going to be alright when he started asking me if I had taken any pictures (um, I had) and then he wanted to pick one to send to the kids!
I got him settled back in the rig and actually left him there to attend a ladies afternoon sewing function. (He told me to go, honest!)  We had a good dinner and he’s already in bed.
And now, in the quiet of the evening, as I look at those pictures the tears are welling up. So much more could have happened. Yes, he fell. But he was sooooo protected. He didn’t hit anything. And there were lots of tools and boards and obstacles that he could have hit. He was working with a group. He often works alone. Not today. There was a doctor among the volunteers that did a preliminary check. The ambulance was there within 10 minutes of being called and he was seen in the ER hardly a half hour after the fall. God was very merciful to us today.
And I am reminded that while you just never know what the day may hold-
I do know who holds the day.
and His mercies are new every day.

9 thoughts on “You just never know.”

  1. So thankful all is well and he only needs to rest. Praising God with you for his mercy and protection.

  2. Wow!!!! Glad that everything ended well … Praying that he is soon up and about … Love your blog ~~~~

  3. Not only are the mercies new every morning they are sufficient for the day.
    Thanking God for his provision.

  4. So thankful that Greg was not seriously hurt. God certainly protected him from a serious injury. I have had my fair share of falls and tumbles to know that this old body can’t take it like it did when much younger.

  5. Glad you’re ok there “old man”. Yes God does protect those he loves and those who love him. You two are so faithful to his calling of service and he still needs you Gary for a lot more projects. Thankfully you were smart enough not to move-now just listen to the doctors and let that back heal before climbing anymore ladders or buildings! Steph-he never makes it boring does he? Thanks also for sharing God’s beautiful pictures of nature so often!
    Let us know next time you’re in town!
    Love from Chris (and Mike too!)

  6. Glad all is ok!! Take it easy for awhile and rest. You’ll be back to your old self real soon. We’ll be praying for you.

  7. So thankful he was protected. Your final statement is so beautifully stated. Praying for you both.

  8. Thank the Lord you are going to be okay in a few days. After being on the high ladder, the ga-ga ball court probably seemed like flat ground. We know you don’t like to be still, but do it anyway and may you be completely healed soon.

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