Things to do at Costco

We love Costco.
We love their free samples and we love their great buys. We also love their big parking lots. Because sometimes, when you drive a 39ft. motorhome with a pick-up truck tagging along behind, you need a really big place to park. Since we knew there was a Costco in Houston, and we would be passing close enough (just enough shopping district traffic to keep the co-pilot panicked), we took the opportunity to purchase and change out the “House Batteries”. That would be the 4 Golf Cart size batteries that keep us humming when we’re not connected to an electric source.
(The house batteries are on the left. The smaller ones on the right are for starting the engine. And all those wires….well, that must be for someone else to know.)
So here we are, after our first trip into Costco. Ready with the new batteries and the baking soda (to help clean up any battery acid).
Out with the old….
and then clean up the space a bit.
Then to hook up the new ones –
Oooey gooey messy glad it wasn’t me kind of job…..
Make sure the fancy caps are all on tight.
And then check to make sure all the connections are back the way they started.
Never underestimate the value of a little hand-drawn diagram of how it’s supposed to look!
All things connected, no spare parts (doncha just hate those leftover parts?), and the generator started right up! Looks like we’re back in business. 🙂
And for a reward, after we took back the old batteries (for our $36.00 credit – every bit helps!) here’s another thing that we love about Costco.
Costco  Goodness
Oh, yeah, baby.

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