The Pine Street Reno

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to Josiah and Abigail’s renovation. So I guess I’d better start at the beginning!
They have a sweet row house in downtown Lancaster (yes, Lancaster is not all Amish farms and quilt shops 🙂 ).
Pine Street View
That’s their house – the gray one on the right. With the lumber on the porch.
It has a classic layout – stairs on the left, living room, dining room and kitchen front to back. And when they bought it, it was freshly painted and had a relatively new kitchen. It also had paneled walls and a dropped ceiling.
22 pine
Clean and neat, but not really what they wanted in the long run.
The renovation plan was simple.
Tear out the dividing wall and the hall wall, remove the dropped ceiling, re-wire the area so it actually made sense, drywall the remaining walls and (now 9 ft) ceiling, and then lay a new wood laminate floor. And do a built-in cabinet around the front windows.
Oh, and do it in a week.
Well, we got started right away – first the ceiling and then that paneling!
Getting Started
We discovered that whomever installed the paneling/dropped ceiling put it right over the original woodwork. That was good news/bad news – good news in that it would be great to re-use it,(though it will be a lot of work to get it ready to re-install), and the bad news in that it was just another layer to remove to get to the rebuilding part.
Above the Ceiling
Room Divider
Removing Trim
Yeah, there was some pretty ugly stuff underneath that paneling!
Pretty much the wall on the left, from where the stairs end (painted wall) to the tiled entryway needed to come down.
Whoohooo – an intact transom window!
Ok – so we’re starting to get down to the studs….
And then they started with the Really Big Hammers!
Soon we were down to the studs – looking into the kitchen


and looking toward the front.
and before you knew it
they were discussing whether or not that last beam was just maybe holding up the second floor.
Happy to report, it was not.
Before the drywall could start
the electric had to be run.
(So, do you like the truncated wallpaper scraping? Since they were going to be gluing the drywall up on that wall they needed me to remove the wallpaper. I was having trouble commandeering a ladder to finish up the job!)
Here it is –
First Piece of Drywall
the first sheet of drywall! Since Josiah works for a drywall company he was using pieces that had been damaged (and therefore free!), so it was quite the puzzle putting it all up.
Men Working
But with a little bit of team work, it was soon up and the drywall “mudders” were getting to work!
Drywall up 1
(I was away playing with my girlfriends and Weston while the drywall was going up. I can guarantee you I was having more fun than they were!)
At last – time to paint!
Once the painting was done, Josiah and buddies laid the new flooring, and then Monday was spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Nothing  was untouched by the construction dirt and dust it seemed.  After a busy, busy week, Josiah was back at work, and Gary was finishing up the electrical. And by Monday night, you could tell that even though there was still plenty to do (trim work, built-in cabinets around the front windows, and lots of odds and ends to wrap up) there was some definite light at the end of the tunnel!
Finished 1
Finished 3
Finished 2

I must say that Gary was exhausted at the end of every day (well, except maybe the day the drywall finishers were there). But I believe that Josiah was right behind him on the exhaustion scale. We left before those final three pictures were taken, so it was delight for us to see that their lives would have a bit of normalcy as they work through the remaining portions of this renovation. I know they love the new look (we do too!), and it was a great excuse to wash every dish in the kitchen, right, Abigail? 🙂

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  1. By the way…Mari Chose Clemson over Baylor 🙁
    It is only 3 hours from home and yet has the big sports teams that she wanted.
    Brian and his wife Micah are expecting in Sept…finally i will be a grandmother. Guess I will have to learn about all the new stuff that i never did for 5 kids!!!

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