Life in the Attic

We’ve had a productive week in the old attic. (You’re getting used to my liberal use of the word “we” , right?)
The attic is HUGE, and it’s a good thing since it will be holding 7 A/C units and duct work for 22 rooms. Trust me, that’s a lot of Stuff. But first it had to be made safe to walk on, so Gary put a floor down the center.
So much better than walking on the 2 1×6’s that constituted the previous walkway.
The other tricky part of the attic is the loose insulation (paper, not fiberglass thankfully!) that also covers the floor of the attic. That would be the mountains of loose insulation.
Once the floor was down, he was on to building the shelves for the duct work.
(Remember that loose insulation? Sometimes it has a very hard time staying on the floor!)
Here they are – just waiting for the duct work!
And here’s the first batch of duct work, just waiting to be hauled up the ladder.
Speaking of the ladder – this is, in my opinion one of the best innovations regarding our attic work –
Ok, so you can’t really see what I’m so excited about here, but the top of the ladder is actually attached to the framing, making it totally secure. Totally. And since Gary (and I, some days)makes any number of trips up and down that ladder, having it nice and secure makes a world of difference. A. World. of. Difference.
So – back to the duct work.
Before we could start with the duct work runs we had to figure out where the rooms start and stop and where the returns and supplies would need to be. And believe me, with all that insulation piled between the joists, it wasn’t all that easy! Once we had a located a doorway center, Gary taught me how to use this architect’s ruler and read the blueprint and he set about marking where he needed to cut holes in ceilings and duct work. He was incredibly patient with me – after all, it involved math.
Here it is – our first run!
I don’t think I’ve felt such ownership in duct work.
And for those of you who might be interested – this is the Return duct work. (I need to keep practicing my A/C words and understanding)
And for those of you who are frightened that the next three months will be filled with only views from the attic – fear not!
See – I am using my camera for other things!
Have a safe week, all!

4 thoughts on “Life in the Attic”

  1. How exciting…I haven’t been in the attic there…one of the few places I have not been in Montrose! Sounds like Gary is developing a great assistant. Dan and I look forward to see you guys this Saturday. Remember: safety first! Good idea with the ladder. Blessings friends!

  2. Glad to see things coming along so great. I know what it is like to crawl around on the joists in the attic as well as making sure the ladder is safe. I have been on a ladder that was not secure and when I went to step off the ladder onto the second floor it went out from under me and I landed with a thud, alwasy good practice to secure the ladder first! I know from what you said that the attic was huge as is that entire building. Hope word doesn’t get out that ya’ll are the attic heating/a/c team remember Hubbardston?? LOL

  3. Steph, what a job Gary designed for himself and his able assistant. Have enjoyed following your adventures. That ladder being “nailed down” is a wonderful idea. Doug is working on our laundry room and bath plumbing for the adventure of enlarging it and putting in new fixtures. We’re also getting bids for a total new roof which we hope will get done before the weather gets to hot. That should be a full week of mess in the yard.

    Take care and keep up the good pictures.

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