Just a little help from our friends

Gary and I have been working together pretty well on this project.  We’ve just about perfected the duct-work making chore to where we have actually run out of material (next delivery is on Monday!).  And don’t forget I know how to read those blueprints with that fun triangle ruler.  I can lug duct work, cut tape and hold things steady with the best of them.  But there are some things that I really just cannot do.  And for those chores, we need just a little help from our friends. For the guys that helped get those units up to the attic –
and then up to their platforms –
Whoot Whooot!
And for the guys that helped lace the (20) twenty foot lengths of copper through the louvers at the end of the attic –
You’re the BEST!
Wayne and Bruce and Wayne and Larry and Jim – we surely could not be doing this without you!

On a slightly different note, today was a tough day in the attic for me. Gary needed help in strapping down the duct work and the plan was for him to screw down the back side, while I screwed down the front side. (In other words, he had to be standing in the insulation, balancing on the beams (the hard side) while I got to stand on the floor (the easy side).) The problem is that the screw gun and I are not exactly best friends. In fact, we’re hardly acquainted. So what goes zip, zip, zip for Gary (and probably most of you out there) goes grind, gasp, glunk for me. We finally decided that he would finish up the strapping while I just took some time to practice.
Just me, the screws, the drill and a 2×3. Quality time.
OK, so it did help some, but when Gary put me to work doing some floor repair I really only had one of those zip, zip, zip moments about every third screw. It was a very frustrating morning, but I suppose the good news is that I really can ONLY get better at this. The other “tough” part of the day was when a sheet of OSB plywood fell over and slid down my shins. YEEEOUCH! Thank goodness for long pants, but I don’t think I’ll be hurrying into shorts anytime soon! So, at the end of that morning, I did what any self respecting girl would do – I took a long hot shower (really wanted a hot Jacuzzi, but that wasn’t an option) and crawled under the covers for a nice nap (I would have eaten ice cream out of the carton, but there was none in the freezer). And Gary did what I don’t think he’s ever done before – he came home with Chocolates.
Dark Chocolates.
Whatta boss! 🙂

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  1. awwwwwwwww…what a day! although husband bringing chocolates is a nice touch to a tough day! Great update Steph!

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