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Sorry it’s been so quiet over here in this corner of the internet! I was under the weather earlier this week – you know, one of those 24 hr. stomach things that turned out to actually be one of those 72hr stomach things that pretty much distracted me for the early part of the week. Gary got one good day of work out of me and then we headed off for our last weekend “holiday” before we settle into a stay-at-home mode for a bit. So, before I forget, I guess I better start where I left of last time –
Our weekend in Lancaster!
We spent the first weekend in May in Lancaster with the kids again. So sweet! Not only do I really love visiting my kids (and sweet grandson) but I also really enjoy Lancaster in general. I mean, what’s not to like?
Of course, Lancaster is not just beautiful farms and country roads. It’s a great little city too! We were able to enjoy “First Friday”, checking out the downtown shops along with lots of other folks!
Lancaster First Night
Where else but Lancaster would you find the police “presence” on bikes and horses? Love it!
And another “only in Lancaster” shot –
We are amazed at how many Amish we see at our different trips to Costco!
But of course, the main attraction of Lancaster to us are the kids!
This will be our last trip to Lancaster until the end of July (at the earliest!), so it was especially precious!
The renovations have slowed significantly, due to that thing called LIFE that keeps getting in the way (with new and unexpected expenses cropping up all the time!). But Gary did get a little bit of trim on the Built-In-In-Progress
and after two months of being overwhelmed with construction left-overs, we were finally able to reclaim the front porch for human enjoyment!
But of course what was the most fun was continuing to get to know Weston!
One thing for sure we learned was Do Not Get Between Me and My Spoon!
Sure was a wonderful weekend!
But TODAY, it is an absolutely perfect day at my absolutely favorite spot on this earth.
And rest assured, you’ll hear more about that later!

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