It’s impossible

to accurately condense Girls’ Week into a blog post! Maybe I should have tried to write a little something each night, but since I was too busy having a grand time (mostly losing at Rummikub or Speed Scrabble), I never got any closer than thinking about it. I have been blessed with two of the absolutely best sisters (and a mighty fine brother, too, but he isn’t invited to GW.) and each year (we’ve been doing this for 20 years!) we treasure all the more the time we have together. And to be able to spend the week together at our family cabin – well, I just don’t know if it could get any better.
Morning coffee by the fire-
Wildflowers galore
(even the dandelions look pretty at the Cabin!)
and grass up to the wazzoo!
(I did eventually get some (but not all) of the lawn mowed, but for the first couple of days weed-whacking a path to the outhouse did the trick!)
We were there a little later than previous years, but we still caught the beautiful wild iris in bloom at the pond –
We took a day trip to see our aunt and two of our cousins, another special tradition of Girls’ Week.
Aunt Berta
Aunt Berta turns 90 in September and I don’t know how many more chances we’ll get to visit. Sigh.
Our other big excursion was taking a train ride from Bradford to Newbury and back again (about 20 miles round trip).
Newbury Train Ride-2
It was a rainy day, and although it’s a drive we’ve done thousands of times over the years, we really enjoyed seeing it from a different perspective.
Newbury Train Ride-5
Newbury Train Ride-8
Newbury Train Ride-12
Newbury Train Ride-17

Other than our trip to see Aunt Berta and that very fun train ride, our outings consisted mostly of quick trips to the grocery store or to check out ice cream flavors at the Mini-Mart. We spent most of our days snuggled in at the Cabin, keeping the fire burning low, enjoying each others’ company. We played lots of games
and ate way too much chocolate (is that possible?)
We also discovered that when you run out of apples to spread your peanut butter on, those little miniature dark chocolate bars work pretty good as a substitute!

What a wonderful week! We laughed and cried and won and lost and prayed and worshiped together, all the while so very aware of the precious gift that we have been blessed with – each other!

I’m back in Montrose and Gary is catching me up on all that he got done while I was away. Trust me, there will be more exciting A/C pictures coming, but for now if you’d like to see some additional Girls’ Week photos, here you go –

Newbury Train Ride

Cabin Wildflowers

Girls’ Week 2012 – the complete set!

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