Change of scenery

After 11 weeks (yike, it’s been ELEVEN WEEKS!) of hard work in the attic of Dreyer Hall at Montrose Bible Conference, Gary and I are taking a lovely three week break at our beloved Cabin in Vermont. So it was Good-bye attic with all your shiny duct work, stuffed burritos and wires –
and Hello Cabin!


To add a little excitement to our time here, we decided to bring Lizzie right to the cabin! We’d never attempted it before because the road is a little, shall we say, sketchy, but since there had recently been some road maintenance done we decided to give it a shot! (We also wanted the RV there for our family reunion that is happening at the end of the month.)
Here she is coming up Wright’s Mountain Road, the dirt road that happens before our dirt road.
Probably the trickiest part was the turn into the cabin road since it’s one of those really sharp left turns and we knew she’d never make it on one swing. Fortunately there is a driveway that adjoins ours that had just the space we needed to get the right angle.
(Don’t you love how I say “just the space WE needed to get the right angle”? Like this part of the “We” was doing anything besides holding her breath to see if “we” made the turn. Oh and taking pictures, of course!)
Here she is – making her maiden journey down the cabin road!
Not too much space to spare, but all in all it went great!
Right now she’s nicely tucked into the the last curve of the road –
Looks like she’s having a nice vacation, too!
We’re actually sleeping at the cabin, but it sure is nice to have our entire home just down the lane. And we’ll move her closer to the cabin during the Reunion when our son Toby and family will be sleeping in her.

We’re keeping busy getting everything ready for the Reunion (and 30+ people camping on the lawn) so I’ll have more to share in the days to come (and it won’t have anything to do with Air Conditioning, promise!). But for tonight I’ll just leave you with what we found outside the the cabin door on Sunday Morning –
A Luna Moth Party!
Such perfection!

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