My brain starts to hurt every time I try to think about consolidating our Family Reunion into a blog post. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to express how wonderful it was to have so many family members – sisters and brothers and first cousins and second cousins and first cousins once removed and moms and dads and grammas and pops – all gathered together at our family cabin. Lots of pictures were being taken – I’ve managed to consolidate my 700+ down to just under 200 – so maybe I’ll jump right into the picture thing. Don’t worry – I won’t post all 200! I’ve put together some collages to TRY to express the wonderfulness of the last week!
Reunion Setup
The cabin was ready for the festivities – the tent was up, the porta-potties were delivered, the ATV’s were gassed up and ready, the pool toys were waiting at the pond, and the shower was made as private as an outdoor shower could be.
Soon the family began to arrive, and before we knew it, the meadows were dotted with tents and campers.
Here’s everyone standing by their domiciles –
We were blessed with just about perfect weather so the pond had lots and lots of activity!
Pond Fun
And even a couple of pond, um, monsters?
Pond monsters
On our biggest day, we had 37 folks there – and 15 of them were under the age of 16!
Random Kids - Reunion 2012
Oh – and the food was awesome! We had an “adopt a meal” plan – and it worked great! Believe me, NO ONE went away hungry from this family reunion!
Reunion Food
There was plenty of just plain old sitting around and visiting
some great campfires
and plenty of game playing.
And the evening skies were amazing!
Cabin Skies

It was a wonderous, memory making, family reunion. And the absolutely best part was when, as the week was winding down, everyone wanted to know when we were going to do it again!!

I sure do love these guys!

OK – if you’d like to see more of the reunion here’s a link to the whole set. Be prepared for lots of people having lots of fun!

And looking ahead – tomorrow (hopefully around 5AM) we’re heading west to Ohio to help care for our grands while Mom is away at a convention. Since we just arrived home last night, we’re not especially looking forward to the 500 mile drive (but we’re only taking the truck, so that helps), but we ARE looking forward to spending time with the grands! Better get my packing finished, eh?

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