The Last Four

weeks have been wonderful crazy! We’re back at Montrose, returning to our Life in the Attic, but I thought I’d do a little recap of some of that wonderful craziness –
Weeks One and Two were spent at the Cabin getting ready for the Family Reunion (happening during week three :)). Ok, so we did a little just plain enjoying the cabin (of course), but our main goal was to get things spruced up and organized for the big crowd. One of our biggest tasks was reclaiming the Pond View.
See what I mean? Almost half of the cabin is missing!
And looking from the cabin down to the pond was just as bad –
We knew we had our jobs cut out for us!
(Gotta love that ATV!)
Making Progress…..
Until by the time the crowds arrived, the view was back!
I’m pretty sure the brown patch will be green again by the time we get back up in late August, but hopefully the small trees will stay away for a season or two.
There was also a fair bit of sawing and hammering (as Gary began work on the shed project) and just a little bit of dusting and vacuuming (as I prepared the cabin for the gang), but there were also naps taken and books read and quiet enjoyed. And that’s a good thing, because after two lovely weeks of just US, came Week Three –
The 75th Cabin Anniversary and Family Reunion.
An Amazing Week.
But Week Four continued to pile on the wonderfulness as we helped care for our grandchildren in Ohio while their Mom was away at a convention.
Big sister Ellie (age 9) was off at camp (her very first time!), so it was just us and the three littler ones for the 5 days that Mom was away (OK, so Dad did come home after work, but it was MOSTLY just Grams and Pops and the kids!).
Our beautiful charges –
and some of our fun “stuff”
Hayley’s Softball games (we got to two!)
A trip to the neighborhood playground
and a little backyard pool time!

We had a great time being “in charge” for the week, but we were also pretty happy to see Dad arrive home each evening! Ellie returned on Friday and we had a fun Saturday with Dad home all day!

It was a very special week as we got to know these little ones on a whole new level! Loved it!

And now we’re back at Montrose!
Now where were we?

7 thoughts on “The Last Four”

  1. Thanks for sharing. What a fabulous month you’ve had. Have a super time at Montrose. Please give Dave & Betsy Morse hugs for us. Hope they’re well. Stay safe in the attaic too. We’ll be heading for Col. Springs for August project.

  2. The pictures are great….looks light you had a wonderful 4 weeks…….. be safe in the attic…….

  3. The memories of family gatherings is so important. Our family gathers at my wife’s brother’s place every year in September. We always tend to invite someone who does not have family. This is our way of extending our family.
    Blessings to you for driving this annual event.

  4. You did a tremendous job organizing all of this for the blog. Great job. I was glad I was able to finally connect with you for that brief time. Loved getting back to the cabin after so many years.

  5. This is not the time to be working in the attic. Way tooooo HOT!!! Looks like you had a great time at the cabin. We just got back from Bob’s family reunion at the cabin that lasted a week. We take our trailer for a little peace and quiet and our own bathroom!! There were anywhere from 25-65 people depending on the day. Everyone couldn’t be there all the time. Enjoy your time with the grandkids as they grow up so fast. Going to FL to see ours in Aug. before the kids go back to school 8/21.

  6. Looks like y’all had a grand time and great job on clearing so could see that beautiful view. What wonderful memories to have for generations to come.
    We’re going out to Minneapolis in early August to be together for a week. Looking forward to it.

  7. Wow, it was so good to see all of these pictures. The cabin looks awesome!
    It was good to see how you cleaned up all the brush and trees so you could once again see the pond.
    I am sure that you had a wonderful family reunion. We are having ours Aug. 11th at my brothers place up north.

    We have been camping quite a bit this summer and enjoying our grands too.

    Miss you both and would love to hook up somehow, someday, again.

    Not sure what this winter will bring for us. Hope you are still enjoying your Sower projects.
    God Bless you both. Love, Mar and Gord

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