The Lower PA Tour

Anyone still out there?

Man, have we had a busy week! Green Park, Chambersburg, Green Castle, Hanover, Doylestown, Lancaster. We called it our Lower PA Tour! Four bedrooms in 7 nights. Lots and lots of friends and family. Some planned and some delightfully unexpected! It was absolutely wonderful and absolutely exhausting all at the same time! I tried my best to snap a picture of everyone we saw along the way, so here you go- (Don’t worry, they’re all consolidated into one picture!)
There were a couple of people that I did NOT get pictures of.
Like the Doctor and PA that handled our annual check-ups. (And I’m happy to report that all is good on that front! Gary, since his last check-up -April 2011- has lost 34 lbs.! His blood work numbers very good -“better even than last year” – and the good doctor was very pleased. My check-up also went smoothly – down about 8 lbs., mammogram good and while I’m still waiting on the blood work, we’re not anticipating any problems. Sure feels good to get that clear bill of health!)
I also did not get a good picture of the nice fellow that changed out our truck alternator in Chambersburg. Yeah. Bummer.
But oh, those babies! One of our stops included meeting 10 month old great-niece Megan
Megan Fitz
and great-nephew Joshua –
Joshua Fitzpatrick
Such cuties, and since they are the first set of twins in our immediate family, it was very special to meet them!

2012-07-25_07-35-04_901Early morning with the Chambersburg Fitzpatrick kiddos!

It was grand connecting with friends and family and getting some of those “life chores” taken care of to boot! And of course, it was truly icing on the cake to end it with a sweet visit with our little Weston!
Contented sigh.
But we’re back to work here at Montrose.
Back to work.....and the attic.....
I’ll catch you up on that next time – but for now it’s just nice to be back in our little home and getting back into some long overdue routine!

And I’m thankful you’ve checked back after such a long quiet spell!

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