Out of the Attic

Well, after over 15 weeks of calling the attic “home”, we’ve officially removed the ladder and closed the hatch. Yep – what started out looking like this –
and this….
Now looks like this –
and this….
One of our last steps before we unscrewed the ladder was to make sure everything was labeled –
Even our wrapped up burritos got room numbers!

But lest you think we’re ready to hit the switch and turn those babies on, there are all of these that need to be hooked up –
And then there’s the fact that we’re still waiting for the electric company to finish up the electric service upgrade which is necessary before anything gets turned on.

We came into this job figuring it would be a two season project, and Gary’s actually quite pleased that we’re as far along as we are. We’ll be here another week or two and there is plenty of copper pipe and electrical wire in our immediate future.
Sure am glad I’m hangin’ with someone who actually KNOWS what to do with those things!

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