A variety of things

Last week was full of ups and downs – here’s a little picture montage of our week –

It started out with Gary waiting for his final delivery from United Refrigeration. It was a drizzly morning, so he sought refuge in the barn.
Later in the week he was in the barn doing some other (not so) fun stuff –
Front wheel bearing. (On top of the new brakes earlier this month and the alternator replacement that we did in Chambersburg, I’m beginning to hear murmurings of new truck…new truck….new truck…..)
But most of Gary’s week was spent doing the piping to the outdoor units.
There wasn’t TOO much ladder work, but there was some soldering that had to happen up on that ladder –
Yeah, I was loving that.
But most of his work was on the ground
Boy he get’s messy!
THIS is why you call Conrad Maintenance when you have A/C trouble!

Aside from some random pipe holding and parts retrieval, I was kept busy in the kitchen. This week was their Senior Retreat Week – so every meal was first class and busy! I thoroughly enjoyed working with the kitchen crew –
Montrose Kitchen
From the year-round staff to the summer staff, it’s a great group, and I had a really fun week. They even let me be a server one day when the crowd was especially big.
Happy to report, no spilled coffee or other culinary mishap. Phew.

I did have a little down time, especially on Gary’s Ladder Day, so I got to play with my cellphone camera just a little – (and you were getting a little tired of work pictures, right?)

By the weekend we were in Lancaster, helping Josiah hook up his heat. Somehow that had not been completed when we did the big reno in the spring. Hmmmm. It was a quick visit but so sweet to spend even a short visit with these dear ones. Weston is just beginning to walk and it was so cute to watch him take those tentative steps. Wish I could say I had some really great pictures of our little cutie – but sometimes it’s just better to enjoy the time and not worry so much about the camera. Right? Right.

It’s hard to believe this is our last week at Montrose! I’ll let you know how the final wrap-up goes!


3 thoughts on “A variety of things”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Montrose staff in the kitchen. Sweet people :o) I really enjoyed working with them in 8/11. Great spirit :o) Enjoy the rest of your time there. Staye safe & well.

  2. We are so blessed that God gifted you and Gary with the gifts that He has and equally blessed that you are willing to share them. Thanks

  3. FYI,
    Vehicle repairs bills are cheaper than vehicle payments – unless repairs happen monthly. Of course a vehicle that is not operational often is not dependable. So if the scale is tipping towards not dependable, then a newer vehicle may be warranted. At least that is my take on the subject.

    It seems like Gary also has a PhD in FIX.

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