Bits and Pieces

It’s been a week of Bits and Pieces as we’ve wrapped up our last week at Montrose (well, for this season anyway). On the work front we found homes for all of our “stuff” so it wouldn’t be in the way of the maintenance guys over the winter.
And then we finished up labeling the various parts of the installation-
First the Control Panel –
Then the units in the attic –
And finally the outdoor units.
Good thing those wires are labeled! We’d be in a world of hurt if we had to figure THAT out!
Earlier in the week Gary did a leak check on all the units. He found a couple of leaks, but that was to be expected. There was a lot of soldering going on last week! He got all of them fixed except one.
See where those pipes come out above the second floor windows? Yeah. Up there. Know what that means? Gary gets to use that cool man-lift when we return in the spring. Gotta look at the bright side, right?
With the supplies organized and stored, the various equipment and controls labeled for easy identification, and leak checking done, we put together a “Status of the Installation” report and stored the Big Black Book (full of all things A/C installation related)up in the attic. Gary feels pretty good about the state of the installation. It’s actually much farther along than he thought it would be, and getting it started up in the spring should go pretty smoothly. Well, except for the first floor rooms that we haven’t even started. But all in due time, eh?
Once we had the SOWER work all wrapped up, it was time to get ourselves ready to make a move. Gary pulled out his maintenance list and got busy. Along with defrosting the freezer (isn’t it amazing that that’s on HIS list and not mine?), putting away his tools and installing a shelf under the steps, he changed the oil in Lizzie (6 gallons later….)
and worked on a toilet repair that we’ve been putting off for several months.
So the good news is, the toilet is flushing seamlessly (instead of screeching and sometimes not flushing at all. :(….). The bad news is, now it’s leaking. Grrrrrrr. It could be worse. We’re parked next to the campground bathroom, the parts are available and will arrive next week, and we’re headed to the cabin tomorrow, so the repair can happen when we return. (I think this possible scenario is why we kept putting off this fix!)
ANYWAY – today was laundry and cleaning and packing and haircut. Tomorrow is Church and then off to VT to visit good friends for a couple of days before we head to The Cabin. Then it’s a week and a half of R&R (or at least as much of R&R that Gary can handle!).
But before we say good-bye to Montrose Bible Conference, just a couple more pictures!
When we got here –
And as we leave…..
They sure know how to do green around here!
OK, almost done – just one more thing……you’ll be happy you stuck with it……
Montrose has, until recently, been blessed with a very gifted gardener. All around the buildings are lovely gardens –
But Fred the gardener’s true passion was lilies.

Oh my, he not only had a two huge gardens of them, but he cultivated many new strains. Back in June, before we took our Lower PA Tour, the lilies were in full bloom and I took a little stroll with my camera. And even though Fred’s been gone for a couple of years, and many of the plants were sold before he left, there was still plenty of beauty to enjoy!
Pink Lilies
Yellow Lilies
Assorted Lilies
Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Luke 12:27


Thanks for a great summer, Montrose Bible Conference! We’ve been blessed to be here! We’ll be back to pick up Lizzie (and deal with that toilet issue) in a couple of weeks and then it’s West to Texas for us (with a quick stop to hug grandkids along the way!).  And, Lord willing, we’ll be back in the spring! God Bless you!

4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Thanks for the pictures! Congrats on a job well done for the Lord. He appreciates it and so does Montrose. Safe travels. Hugs.

  2. Where are you headed in Texas? We will be in Pipe Creek (West of San Antonio) at the end of September. If you’re close we need to get together for coffee and pie or good ole TexMex.

    Travel Safe

  3. We are sure going to miss you!!! I meant to see you Sunday but you got away before I could get to you. We also were in a rush to leave. Thanks again for all that you and Gary have done for the Bible Conference and it was so good to get to know you personally. I will keep track of your blog to see how you are doing over the winter and look forward to seeing you again in the spring. God Bless and safe travels. We are also heading to VT,NH and Maine for a vacation next week. Dave wants to eat lobster for his birthday:-) Barb

  4. Hi guys… Love your web page and fantastic photos that you have clicked in your travels around the USA. I’m from far away… Auckland in New Zealand actually. My wife Bev and I brought a 1993 Winnebago Vectra from Tampa and drove it across the lower part of the USA to Los Angeles and then put it on a ship back to NZ. We converted it to right hand drive and over the last five years have been all over our little country, enjoying Gods great creation. Keep up the good work. Kind regards


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