A great start!

It's a beautiful day for a drive.....to Vermont!
It was a great day for a drive! Especially a drive to Vermont!
We started our Last Vermont Hurrah a little differently this year. Instead of heading straight to the cabin, we stopped for a lovely visit with friends in Ludlow. Lynne and Roger are friends from Way Back – we met when we carpooled our boys to nursery school. Boys who are now 34. So – even though they moved out of the neighborhood (and state) only about a year after we became friends, we’ve somehow managed to stay in touch over the years. That’s the blessing of a kindred spirit kind of friend! And now they live in Vermont, so we usually get to see them at least once a year. A good thing! Since we were going to be there for two nights, it gave us a full day to play :). Guess what the guys did? They built the foundation for a sugar house that L&R are putting in. Sounds like a Gary kind of day, doesn’t it? So, it started out like this –
Croswell Sugar House-2
and after a hard day’s work it looked like this –
Croswell Sugar House-20
Thank goodness for that little front loader!
(If you’d like to see more details of the project – check out here!)
While the boys were working, Lynne and I were doing a little power walking and a some quilt-y stuff. And of course, solving the problems of the world as we caught up with each other.
Croswell Sugar House-1
It was a lovely visit – and a great start to our end of summer R&R!
Croswells & Conrads
But the Cabin called, and Tuesday morning we got on our way!
We did manage a quick stop at the Long Trail Brewery – we’d driven by time and again, and never had the time to stop for a little tour.
It was self-guided, and we weren’t there very long, but we were glad we stopped. Check that off the list!
Soon we were back on our way
and before we knew it, we were pulling into the cabin.
Of course, we were at Home Depot first thing this morning and Gary already has the power tools revved up, so I’m not sure just how much R&R will actually be happening. Let’s just say, this is Gary’s favorite type of R&R.
Now the next two weeks could go a couple of ways for me. Apart from helping Gary, I don’t have heavy agenda. So either I’ll be inspired to blog every couple of days since I’ll so feel so relaxed and creative, OR you won’t hear from me again until we get back to the rig. We’ll see how it goes!

I better go check on Gary – he might need me to hold something!
(Besides, it really is too nice to be inside!)

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  1. Wow, it looks so inviting again. Enjoy your time there and just take in the beauty of the land that God has so freely given us. Miss you guys!!!

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