Home Depot

Generally, one of our first “excursions” after we get settled at The Cabin (after a quick trip to the small local grocery store and a stop at the mini-mart to check out the latest flavors of ice cream) is to make a run to Home Depot. Now don’t get me wrong. Bradford has a great hardware store (Aubuchon Hardware) right in town where we’ve gotten everything from hummingbird feeders (best price in town – just sayin’) to foot valves for the well. And down on the Lower Plain (Bradford-ese for just outside of town) is quite a nice lumberyard/hardware store – Oakes Brothers.
We go there for, well, lumber and roofing and paint.
All in all, Bradford serves us well when we need stuff. But when we need STUFF, it’s off to Home Depot we go. Maybe we shouldn’t call it an “excursion”. Maybe it’s more like a field trip.
First we have the cabin road –
(Pardon the streaks on the windshield – it was early and there was still lots of moisture on the car!). That’s about a half mile.
Then there’s Wrights Mountain Road –
A fine dirt road that we’re on for about a mile until we come to Rt. 25 (aka Waits River Road ….cause it goes to Waits River, the town and it runs along side the…wait for it….Waits River).
We stay on Rt. 25 for about 5 miles and if we continued on that road we’d be at Oakes Brothers (or Aubuchon’s) in no time flat. But since we have Home Depot in our sights, we head south on Interstate 91.
Oh, yeah, it’s the Big Road for us!
After about twenty miles we exit onto Interstate 89 –
Uh-oh – we’re following one of those Do Not Follow trucks. But we need to!
We cross over the Connecticut River –
and take the first exit, which dumps us into TRAFFIC!
(and still we’re following those Do Not Follow trucks. Hope we don’t get caught!)
About a mile (and much traffic and many traffic lights which make it seem like 10 miles) down the road – our destination!
Where true to form, we picked up STUFF.
(That looks like a load you’d like to get on your vacation, doesn’t it?)
Mission accomplished.
One of the redeeming qualities of this Field Trip (aside for the always beautiful drive) is that you can also work in any number of other major stores (Wal*Mart, Best Buy, BJ’s, Kohl’s, etc….) while you’re fighting the traffic. And JUST BEFORE YOU GET BACK ON THE INTERSTATE, there’s a Dunkin Donuts. (May I recommend their iced coffee with cream and caramel swirl? Yummmmmmm)
So, after a successful Home Depot trip, a “let’s wait until we get to Price Chopper” marketing stop and that redeeming DD Iced Coffee to get us home (well, me anyway. Let’s be real – Gary and iced coffee with cream and caramel? Yeah….no. not in a million years!), we turned around and un-wound the trip –
All good.

So….if we did that on Wednesday, just what do you think we’ve been doing ever since?

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