If any of you have been following this blog for any length of you know that EVERY SUMMER I will post this view of the cabin.
Oh, sometimes it has the dock in it, or I might be standing a little father away, or I might take it in “portrait” mode instead of landscape. but this view shot is my very favorite. (Let’s face it, I’ve probably already posted one this season) This year when the pond seemed especially mirror-like I couldn’t resist just a couple other reflective shots.
Like just the reflection of the cabin itself….
(I rotated it for you so you wouldn’t have to hold your computer upside down. 🙂 )
Or the shoreline –
or just the trees –
Reflections-3 Original
and rotated….
How cool is that?????
It’s hard to even make out where the stump ends and the water starts on this clear day.
And I think I even see a reflection in that tiny drop of water hanging on the clover –
(Did you know that this is the official Vermont State Flower? The Red Clover. Now you do! )

Well, this past weekend I was asked to do a different type of reflection. My sister Elna’s ladies fellowship from Church were having an afternoon outing at the cabin. And they asked me to share a 10-15 minute reflection on what God has been teaching me recently. Yikes! Since the reflection that I did included a little “back story” about how we got to where we are today, I’ve incorporated it into it’s own page. So, if you would like to read my little “Reflection”, you can just go here, or click on the Reflections 2012 page on the right hand column.

And here’s one final reflection from the very tail end of our Vermont vacation. Ok, so it happened in Pennsylvania and it’s not really a typical reflection. But it is a reflection/reminder of God’s promises.
This was a full arch, but I could not get it all in my camera. And I don’t think I have ever seen one so very bright and close. What a wonderful end to a wonderful week!

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