Family Time

Needless to say, the high point of those 1561 miles we traveled in the last week was the five days that we didn’t put ANY miles on the odometer. And that’s because those five days were filled with time spent with our precious family in Ohio. 🙂 Even though we had just (is there ever really a “just” when it comes to those grandkids?)seen them in July, it was still wonderful getting to spend a little more time with them before we headed south and west for the winter. And although there was lots of comings and goings with school schedules and such, we were blessed to enjoy just a little slice of their busy life!

Noah (just turned 2)jumped right in, and wanted to take Lizzie for a spin!
Look who's in the driver seat now!

Maddie (soon to be 5!) demonstrated her great bike riding ability at the neighborhood park –

Hayley (2nd grade) showed off some of her math skills on the computer –

And we got to watch Ellie (4th grade!) at one of her volleyball practices –
(She’s the one with the great form in the green top!)
And of course there was plenty of just general family fun!
Family Time

One of the highlights was our trip to Lynd’s Orchard where good friend Jenn joined us for a morning of apple picking.


Family Shot –

And of course, one with us and the kiddos!
(Too bad we couldn’t figure out which camera to look at, but I still like it!!!)

So that’s the condensed, really how many pictures can you look at of my family, version of our wonderful time in Ohio. If you’d like to see more of the Apple Picking day – HERE you go!

And if you’d like to see additional pictures of our time in Marysville – here’s a link for that!

Stay tuned for the next installment!

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