Getting to Kansas

Are you ready for a couple of “Road Shots”. Well, “couple” might be a bit of an understatement…..

We left Lindale, TX on Wednesday morning to begin our drive to Luray, Kansas – located not too far off of Interstate 70, between Salina (Sal-Ina, not Sal-Ena), and Hays. If you look at the Big Picture – we were driving right to the middle of the country!
Streams of God
And most of the drive was on “New to Us” roads. Yes, the camera was busy.
I started out thinking I would just take one picture every hour, but that only lasted until I saw an interesting vista before the hour was up. (Hey, if I make the rules, I can break them, right?). I did manage to whittle the almost 200 camera clicks down to less than 60, and to spare you the whole set – here are just some highlights!
Lavon Lake, NE of Dallas.
Getting started going through Oklahoma
Somehow this didn’t look like Oklahoma to me. This area is part of the Arbuckle Mountains. Did you know there were mountains in Oklahoma?
This is more what I think of when I think of Oklahoma –

We drove through Oklahoma City (hoping to see more of that next month)
and then continued north toward Kansas.
Do you think the ruler slipped on the drawing board when they were engineering this stretch?

To avoid the Kansas Turnpike (toll roads can be quite frightening to RV drivers. Cha-Ching), we took a parallel state highway up to our stopping place for the night – the Wal*Mart in Wellington, KS.
Morning dawned a little less than perfect (but the overnight rain was much need)
and we were soon on our way to Luray!
Although the road was largely straight and flat, there was a bit of fall color and some interesting sights along the way….
Those are limestone fence posts. How crazy is that!?
Our final 30 miles was rural road through the Kansas countryside.
See that little teeny tiny water tower under that arrow? That’s in our back yard!

We’re getting settled, our co-workers have arrived, and tomorrow we’re heading out to do some ‘sploring. I hear tell there’s a big ol’ lake not to far away! Better go check those camera batteries!

Oh, I almost forgot.  If you’d like to see more of the drive :), you can check it out here!

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