Saturday ‘Splorin’

It’s been a long while since we’ve been in a totally new area, so Gary and I left early (well, early-ish) on Saturday morning to check out a couple of near-by (or not so near-by as it happened!) Kansas sights. It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t start out too early, since even with a 9AM start – this was the view –
But I spotted this house down a little dirt road and we had to check it out –

Roads and houses-1
Don’t you wonder about the story?

And if you’re wondering about a story – check out this place –
Garden Eden
It wasn’t open when we drove by, but we’re definitely going to schedule a stop at the Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS. Crazy!

But our first planned destination was Wilson Lake – a beautiful state park not too far down the road.
Lake Wilson-4
Lake Wilson-1
Lake Wilson-2
(as you can see, the day was shaping up nicely!)
Lake Wilson-3
Since we have a week between projects, we were checking out the different campgrounds in the park for a possible R&R time at the end of the month. I think it has some great possibilities, don’t you?

Our next destination was a fair piece down the road – Fort Larned (Lar-NED) about 60 miles south. As a unexpected bonus we stopped at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center at Cheyenne Bottoms.
Cheyenne Bottom-1-1
I know I was surprised that Kansas had wetlands, but apparently they are a very important way point for migrating waterfowl. Unfortunately, this has been a tough year for the wetlands……
Cheyenne Bottom-4
Continue to pray for rain.
But it was a very interesting stop – There were lots of interesting displays (and of course a very informative video :))
And they even had a little live animal area. How cute is this guy?-
Cheyenne Bottom-2-1
A thirteen lined ground squirrel – what amazing markings.
Cheyenne Bottom-3-1
Somebody’s getting ready to do the chrysalis thing……
Ok, back on the road – just when you think it’s a straight shot to the fort, you get distracted by a sign for a “B-29 Memorial Plaza”.
B29 Memorial
Check that one off the list……

But finally we did make it to the Fort
Fort Larned-1
It was well worth the drive, as it is a wonderfully preserved fort that was instrumental in safeguarding the Sante Fe Trail during the Indian Wars. We enjoyed our walking tour – and even enjoyed watching the local Boy Scout jamboree that was going on in the courtyard!
Fort Larned-9
This group was having a “pull the canon” race!
The buildings were beautiful
Fort Larned Exterior
and the interiors were well done!
Fort Larned Interior
It was a great stop!
After the Fort, it was on to LaCrosse –
Home of the Barbed Wire and Post Rock Museums (yes, they are separate museums!).
Barbed Wire
And the Post Rock Museum….
For more information on those Post Rocks and the ingenious pioneers who needed to find SOMETHING for fence posts since there weren’t any trees – check out this site! It’s pretty interesting!

We finished up the day with a stop at Walmart (it’s an hour away from our project, so when you see one, YOU STOP!), and then just enjoyed the drive back to the rig.
Roads and houses-5
Let’s face it – it was way too many miles to put on the car (over 200!), but we may never come this way again. We packed a picnic lunch to make up for the cha-ching at the gas pump as we filled up before heading back to Luray.
Here are just a couple more random shots from the day –
Roads and houses-3
Another house with a story.
Roads and houses-4
Another Kansas road.
Cheyenne Bottom-5
The state flower after its bloom.
Cheyenne Bottom-6
And just another flower shot that I liked!

Thanks for coming along for the drive – I know it was long, but it was fun, right? If you’d like to see a couple more pictures (why, I haven’t the foggiest!), you can check them out here! I’m surprised at the beauty that is Kansas!
(It was fun, wasn’t it?)

3 thoughts on “Saturday ‘Splorin’”

  1. Lucas is the birthplace of one of our friends. We have enjoyed a week of pheasant hunting in the area several years ago and enjoyed the mule dear bouncing through the prairie grasses. Thanks for bringing those memories back and enjoy your project.

  2. Kansas has some great sites. Having driven to Colorado every other year since 1974, we stopped at various places along the way. The forts were very interesting. I remember seeing a knitting basket made from an upside down armadillo shell! When dances w wolves came out, one place had some things from the movie set that they kids enjoyed seeing. Kansas used to have this great travel deal. You got a card and if you got it stamped with a restaurant, tourist site, and hotel,they sent you a prize! We got a cooler once, a big water thermos, and some other things. I guess it was a way to get us bargain hunters to spend money there w the draw of something “free.” The stops broke up the trip for the kids and they loved running around! Enjoy your working time there!

  3. Enjoyed stopping by to see your beautiful photos, Stephanie. I have not seen Kansas, and your photos captured the landscape beautifully. Hope you and Gary are well and enjoying time between projects. Stay safe, take care and thank you for keeping up your blog.

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