A little R&R

We have just had four of the nicest “down” days at the very lovely Wilson Lake in Kansas.
Lake Wilson-8
We’ve pretty much had this 86 spot campground all to ourselves,
Lake Wilson-5
and aside from a quick trip to Lucas on our first day here (including a visit to the Grassroots Art Center – excellent!) we stayed close to home. I’d like to say we just sat back and read and napped and meditated, but truth be told, we used the time to take care of some chores (Gary on the RV, me on Christmas sewing) along with the all the relaxation. 🙂 But we had such lovely weather, you know I had the camera out!
Lake Wilson-18

Lake Wilson-6
This was the shoreline where we were parked, and there were usually lots of these guys along the shoreline or in the nearby cove.
Lake Wilson-10
We’ve identified them as American Coots – not actually ducks, but more closely related to the Sandhill Crane. And speaking of the Sandhill Crane – even though we heard and saw many flocks overhead (and even tried to find where one group landed), this was actually as close as we got to those beautiful birds –
Lake Wilson-13
And as we drove through the park –
Lake Wilson-4
Lake Wilson-2
Lake Wilson-16
Ok, so it’s not the “Fall Colors” that I grew up with, but it certainly has it’s own loveliness – don’t you think?

But, really the loveliest time of the day was sunset. From the slant of the late afternoon sun turning the surroundings golden
Lake Wilson-21
to the sky that was painted anew every evening…..
we were blessed with a wonderful quiet time of refreshment.
God is so very good to us!

Tomorrow we pack up early and begin our drive to Oklahoma. First stop will be the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene.:) We’ve had a couple of recommendations for places to eat along the way, so that might just be happening too!

There are more pictures from our time at Wilson Lake HERE – but, here’s one for the road…..
(taken literally out our front door!)

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