So what’s the first thing you think of when you think of Oklahoma?
Surrey with a fringe on top?
College Football?
Native Americans?

Well, Oklahoma is all those things (and many more), but I was surprised to learn that Oklahoma also has Mountains!
OK, so they’re not the Rockies or even the Appalachians, but they are mountains nonetheless!
Wichita Refuge-9
Sunday after church we took a little drive through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and saw a different side of the state all together!
Wichita Refuge-1
The refuge is known for its free roaming Texas longhorn cattle, bison and elk. True to form, our drive started out with a little visit from some of those longhorn cattle!
Wichita Refuge-2
Yes, we can wait for you to cross.
Wichita Refuge-3
And yes, we’ll wait for you too. 🙂
Our first destination for the afternoon was the drive up Mount Scott –  at 2464 ft it is the second highest peak in the refuge.(The next highest, by 12 feet is located in the Ft. Sill area, and the highest, beating out Mt. Scott by a whopping 17 feet is on private property).

Wichita Refuge-6
Wichita Refuge-8
I pretty much made Gary Gary generously stopped at just about every pull off so I could take in the view.
Wichita Refuge-5
Wichita Refuge-10
And snap a couple of pictures, of course.
Wichita Refuge-12
The views were spectacular when we reached the top (of course, they had been all the way up too!) and I certainly enjoyed exploring the terrain and finding interesting shots….
Wichita Refuge-15
Wichita Refuge-16
Wichita Refuge-18
Wichita Refuge-23
while Gary was keeping the rocks from moving….
Wichita Refuge-14
We continued on with our exploration of the Refuge with at stop at The Holy City. Yep, plunked down in the middle of this National Refuge (did I mention it’s oldest managed wildlife facility in the United States Fish and Wildlife Service system?) is the site of the longest running Passion Play in the country, having held its Passion Play depicting the life of Christ, from birth to resurrection every year since 1926 when a local pastor took his Sunday School class up to this site because the terrain so reminded him where Christ actually lived.
Holy City-6
Holy City-5
Holy City-4
Over the years buildings and settings have been added – and according to their website, one year the cast was over 1200 (including choirs) and the record attendance was over 100,000. Now, to be honest, we couldn’t quite imagine where all those people would park, let alone sit and watch the play, but if you’re in town on the evening of Easter, I’d definitely check it out!

Back on the road, we were delighted to find a community of prairie dogs –
It was fun to watch them scamper around!

On to the visitors center, where we were treated to an up close and personal visit with a buffalo!
Wichita Refuge-30
I think he looks like he could use a couple of good meals, but I wasn’t going to give him a hard time about it! There was also a field full (um, maybe that would be called a “herd”, Steph?) of Texas Longhorns nearby.
Wichita Refuge-27
Wichita Refuge-29
Who you zoomin’ in on, lady…..????

On our way out of the refuge we did a quick drive-through of Medicine Park, located just on the outskirts of the the park.
Medicine Park-3
It was a cute little touristy town that was founded in 1908 as a planned tourism resort. It’s had some ups and downs over the last century, but it certainly looked like it would have been a fun spot to spend an afternoon wandering around, especially along the river.
Medicine Park-1

But we were running out of steam, so it was back home for us! We were blessed with a beautiful day, seeing (for us anyway!) a surprising side of Oklahoma. And tomorrow we’re taking our Friday on a Wednesday (to take advantage of a free admission at a museum we want to visit) and heading into Oklahoma City! Can’t wait!

A couple more pix of our Mountainous Day Here!

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