OKC in a day

Let’s face it – it’s really impossible to “do” Oklahoma City in a day.  But with some recommendations from our new friends at Oakridge and a little guidance from the Visit OKC website, we gave it our best shot!


After a quick stop at the downtown Chamber of Commerce, we set out for the National Cowboy Museum.
For several hours we wandered through the museum, soaking in all things “Cowboy”! The museum was filled with art and artifacts and even had a great display of Hollywood’s treatment of the Western lifestyle!
It was a GREAT museum – really more than we could take in in our allotted time.
Cowboy Museum
We would highly recommend this museum – especially for families. There was a whole section that was all hands-on for kids! We resisted the urge, but it looked like a lot of fun!
From there we checked out the 45th Infantry Division Museum. This was a great little museum, filled with lots of interesting nuggets of military information. It’s a free museum, and the desk was manned by a veteran who served with the 45th in Korea.
We thoroughly enjoyed this museum, and if you’re at all interested in US military history this is a “must-see”.
By this time, breakfast had certainly worn off, so it was time to track down a late lunch. We parked near Bricktown – because we were told that THAT was the place for great food! Now Bricktown had been the factory/warehouse district of OKC, and in the recent (oh, maybe 20) years has seen the development of a vibrant entertainment district, including a mile long canal. We had lunch at the Bricktown Brewery – starting with these amazing sweet potato fries with peanut sauce, bacon and banana chips.
I admit I wasn’t sure they needed the banana chips – buy, my oh my, these were good!
OK, lunch down. Yummy all the way!
Next, of course, was a lovely walk along the canal. It’s not quite the San Antonio Riverwalk, but it was very beautiful, nonetheless.
Bricktown Canal Walk
The canal walk led us to the amazing Centennial Land Run Monumentlandrun-5
OK – History review time –
OKC was established on April 22, 1889 when the prairie was filled with over 50,000 people waiting for noon and the beginning of the Great Land Run, where 2,000,000 acres of land were opened up for first-come-first-served settlers. By the end of the day, 10,000 people had settled in the OKC area, and the city was born!
This memorial is really amazing –
Can you find Gary among the sculpture?
It was a stunning memorial!

After a quick trip into Bass Pro (near the memorial and where the truck was parked – we had to go in, right?)
we hopped on the free trolley (gotta love that!) and headed back downtown.
Before I get to our last stop of the day, I want to make a quick comment about the skyline of OKC.
See that shiny new skyscraper? That’s the Devon Tower, the newest (as in completed last month!) addition to the OKC skyline. It’s the tallest (by quite a bit it seems!)building in OKC and in OK AND in the “Plains States.” It continued to pop into pictures all day long…
We were a little intrigued with the black dot about halfway up…
And a bit closer, though also a bit fuzzier….
Window Washers?

We had purposefully waited until the end of the day for our last stop – the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which memorializes the 168 victims of the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995.
We were so glad we waited until dusk. It was a beautiful – and sobering – monument.

That just about wraps up our Oklahoma City Day Trip. We were blessed with beautiful weather, great recommendations, and friendly trolley driver! 🙂 Our only disappointment for the day was there was so much we would have loved to have seen, but just didn’t have the time. So if someone ever says to you – “Let’s go to OKC!”, you’d better go! You’ll love it!

On another note – this has been a pretty busy week of Family Celebrations! Last Sunday was my B-I-L’s birthday.
I won’t reveal his age, just that he’s THE OLDEST (and possibly the wisest) of the bunch! I sure do love him!

Thursday the 8th this sweet little girl –
Maddie standing
turned FIVE!!! Yikes! Here’s our little beauty standing in front of the quilt I made her for her birthday (well, I really made it just because it was her turn for a quilt, but it was nice that it coincided with the whole b-day thing!)
Judging by her outfit, I think I did OK in picking out the fabrics! She almost disappears into it!
Friday was my birthday (one year closer to SS!) which I celebrated with a lovely lunch out with our host, his daughter and my sweet hubby, a nice collection of cards, and phone calls from all my kiddos and sisters. And tomorrow, when we’re “in town” I’m going to stop at Joann’s and buy myself a brand new fancy-schmancy iron (using a 60% off coupon, of course!). Doesn’t take much to keep me happy, eh? What’s not to love about November!

Thanks for coming along on our OKC Day-trip. If you’d like to see additional pictures (including the ones in the collage), you can check them out here!

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