A Waco Week

Well, we’ve had a good week, here in Waco.
We enjoyed some great food and fellowship with friends in town –
(Thanks again, Steve and Jenna!)
We had a sweet visit with friends Jay and Naomi as we hung out together and went to the Homestead Heritage Fair –
(Although I took about 30 (quality, I’m sure) pictures of the Fair, my Droid camera failed to save them. Grrrrrrrrr)
Gary got started on a project at Lara’s house
(The repair was accomplished by some “foundation specialists” (thank-goodness!), and Gary was just tasked with closing up the hole. No pix of that – the room is already put back together!)
Gary also worked on his first “Hire Lara’s Dad” customer – installing some outdoor lighting!
We’ve had a couple of nice walks around the campground –
(This was taken Thanksgiving morning. Looks like not everyone was home getting dinner ready for the family!)

And my pile of completed Christmas projects is coming along nicely, thank-you very much! AND, I think I’ve complete all my on-line shopping for the holidays.

We’ve had some nippy mornings,
a bit frosty here in Waco this morning.....come on sunshine.....
And Gary spotted this beautiful hawk from quite a distance away –
(sorry it’s a bit blurry. I only had my phone with me! He was stunning – just checking out the shore for a little lunch, I guess!)

Let’s see…what else?
Oh yeah,  we bought a TRUCK!!!!! 🙂
Yep, after 147K miles and another 60K+ of following us around the country, our well-loved “amber pearl” (ok, so it’s orange) truck is being retired. We were beginning to feel like it made more sense to do the truck change when it wasn’t an emergency, so we started truck shopping once we got to Texas. I mean really – where else is there such HUGE truck inventory. (Check out that first lake picture again!) We discovered that our requirements (4WD so we can tow it,  a quad cab so we can comfortably fit extra folks and low mileage so that it might last a good  9 years like our Dakota) was a bit trickier that we thought it would be. But after looking at the good, the bad, and even some of the ugly, we were delighted to settle on this 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 with just over 14K miles.
We’ll pick ‘er up next week – after we get all the RV hitch stuff off of the Dakota. And get her emptied out of tools, treasures, and (yes, it’s true) trash. Then of course, we’ll have to get the new kid all ready for life on the road!

It’s been an exciting week for us!  I’d forgotten how stressful it is to consider spending thousands of dollars on a single purchase. But when all was said and done – we felt we had made the right decision.

Now I just have to get up enough nerve to actually drive it.


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