A Waco Weekend

Lot’s of fun over the weekend, here in Waco! Saturday we went to the Big Game (well, big here in Baylor-land anyway!).

Baylor Bears vs Oklahoma State Cowboys


OSU = Orange
Baylor = Yellow and Green
Guess you can tell where most of the “visitors” were sitting!
And it was a great game –
from the first touchdown
to the final plays of the day!
We all had our Baylor gear on
but I think Marcus outdid us all with his Baylor Boots!
Sic’em Bears!

Final Score – 41-34! Thanks, Lara, for taking us to the game – it was great!

Sunday after church we hosted a Campgound Cookout at our place! It was a fun afternoon enjoying the company of our young friends in Waco. We had a total of 17 guests, and of course the only picture I took was of people’s backs after a fair number of folks had already left.
Man, I’m really slipping in my picture taking responsibilities!

So today, Monday, Gary is off doing some “Hire Lara’s Dad” assignments and I’m hanging around Lara’s house catching up on some computer work (hence a “hey, it hasn’t been a week” blog post), doing laundry and waiting for UPS and the refrigerator repair guy. See, I can be useful too!

Hope all ya’all (that’s Texas talk) have a good week!

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