Thanks for the memories!

It’s been a bittersweet week, here in Waco.
For this was the week that we said a final good-bye to our trusty Dodge Dakota, who has followed us around this beautiful country
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and has taken us on amazing adventures through these last 8 years of being on the road.
Road Trip-89
Shelf Road (Colorado)
Kleinschmidt Grade-14
Kleinschmidt Grade (Idaho)
Titus Canyon Drive-11
Titus Canyon (Death Valley, CA)
Red Rock Canyon-19
Red Rock Canyon (Idaho)
Road Trip-51
Eleven Mile Canyon (Colorado)
Mt. Washington (NH)
Ah, yes, it’s been a grand adventure, sweet orange Amber Pearl truck. Not only the big adventures, but also the trips to see the kids and the trips to the cabin and even the trips to the grocery store. You have served us well!
Dodge Trade-2
But Wednesday we took you out for a final drive –
to a nearby Dodge dealer who I’m sure will find you a good home!
Dodge Trade-6
Because as much as we loved you, there was one thing that was beginning to concern us –
Dodge Trade-3
As pretty as it is, it will still take a while before this sweet “new” ride
Dodge Trade-5
will feel like “home”, but with credentials like this –
Dodge Trade-4
we feel that it won’t take too long!
Dodge Trade-7
One thing we know for sure, the windshield is cleaner! 🙂

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