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Sometimes I really have a hard time getting a post started. Since it’s been a whole week since I last sat down to write a bit (and organize any pictures I might have taken), it’s hard to know where to start, what to include, and what to just plain forget about! Maybe before I get into too much of what we’ve actually been doing here (which involves things like this
and this –
I should share a bit about the area and the camp where we are volunteering.
Camp Loma de Vida (Hill of Life) is located just north of Edinburg, TX.
As you can see from the map, there is a whole lot of nothing between San Antonio and Edinburgh. So it’s easy to understand that the largest influence in this area comes from the south – Mexico. According to the 2010 census, Hildago County (Edinburg is the county seat) is 88% Hispanic or Latino. I guess during this time of year, when the population swells with Nebraskans and Minnesotans and others from colder climates, the percentage changes a bit, but needless to say we’re a far cry from Pennsylvania! It also is an area where roughly 80% of of the residents receive some sort of government aid (according to our host (who grew up in this town and is Hispanic). While the camp hosts many traditional retreats and gatherings, it’s primary purpose is to minister to the children right here in the Rio Grande Valley. Every summer over 500 kids (many on full scholarships) come and learn about Jesus and his great love for them at this camp. While it’s all packed away for the winter, it’s easy to see what fun this camp could be.
This is the view from our front window –
The pool –
(as I said – tucked away for the winter!)
Some of the cabins –
And just part of the grounds…
It’s a pretty small camp (about 25 acres) and while it is 5 miles north of town, it is right along side the freeway that is essentially the only road into the Valley.
(The straight line horizon in the middle of the photo is the highway.)
The camp has purchased 125 acres about 5 miles up the road (and away from the highway) and hopes to move there in the next couple of years. Needless to say, the move hinges in a large part on the sale of this camp property. So in the meantime, they are working on keeping up this location and slowly beginning some building projects on the new property. And that, in a nutshell, is what the guys have been doing. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to get some pictures of that activity before the project is over! (I think one of the other guys carries a camera. :))

While the view out the front of the rig is of the camp property, out the side window the view is a bit different.
Oh yea, you might think – guaranteed great phone service. And it’s true that we’re blessed with that. But the tower also guarantees this –
Big old turkey buzzards LOVE this tower. The phone company has installed an air canon that goes off about every 10 minutes or so through the early evening (helps to discourage late afternoon naps too!), so we’re watching carefully to see if the “cure” actually works. So far – it’s had mixed results! I understand that there are fewer birds than been roosting there before, but they still seem to think it’s a great place to gather!

So that’s a bit about our January home –
We’re getting to know our neighbors and fellow workers and have done a bit of exploring the area.
But I have to save something for another post, right?
Have a blessed Sunday, friends!

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