So where do I start?

Do I write about the weekend? Or the work? or the people? Or maybe the new camera?

Ooooo – the new camera! Let’s start there!

After several years of hemming and hawing about upgrading to a “Big Girl” camera (a digital SLR), I finally gave in and DID IT. (Gary gets a new truck so it’s only fair that I get a new camera, right?)
Welcome to the family, Miss Canon Rebel T4i!
I’ve been having fun these last couple of weeks figuring out settings and trying to understand the fine craft of photography. You know, aperture and shutter speed and white balance and…….
So I’ve learned some things about focus (that would be the aperture setting, I believe).
There’s the close-up in focus, background blurry
There’s the background in focus, the close-up blurry
There’s the close-up blurry, the background blurry and something in the middle sorta kinda in focus.
I think that takes real talent, don’t you?
And then there’s the “what made you think that was a good thing to focus on” picture-
OK – on to the “White Balance”.
I have very little understanding of this, but the camera has some pretty easy settings for things like “Daylight”, “Tungsten”, “White Florescent”, “Shade”, and “Cloudy”. There’s also “auto” (Yippee) and “Custom” (that’ll be a while yet!). We were at a museum over the weekend so I thought I’d try out a couple of the settings.
Setting A
Setting B
I’m pretty sure that one of those was the “Tungsten” setting, and I’m hoping it was the second one!
Ah, the learning curve.
So today I took a little walk to the office to pick up a package and I thought it would be another chance to practice.
Looks like I forgot to change that setting back, eh?
There we go – that’s better (though I think that was probably set back on “Auto”. Thank goodness for our good friend Auto.)
Still working on the settings here….
I think this one was on “Landscape” setting.

And then again, there’s the classic
“Did I just hear the shutter?” shot.

There’s lots to learn, and I confess that there are some features on my other camera (Canon SX10is) that I like better.  But all and all, I’m enjoying the new kid, and just trying to get comfortable with all of her bells and whistles.

And sometimes I’m even happy with the outcome!
Salsa, anyone?

5 thoughts on “So where do I start?”

  1. Ohhhhhhh. So excited for you. And I LOVE the Bougainvillea. I miss those since leaving Texas. Let me know how you continue to like your camera. I have started shopping for one!

  2. What a great deal. Gary gets wheels and you get a camera. That is a deal I could be happy with. You will enjoy the camera.
    Now for the more serious stuff. I am sure there are lots of photo blogs around. I’ve stumbled on two that I find packed with lots of ‘how to…’ stuff. Take a stroll into photo blog land and check out these. I think you will be inspired to learn even more.

    Enjoy and happy clickin.

  3. I love your pics, especially the beautiful bougainvilla! I bought my hubby that same camera for Christmas. He really likes it but he’s working so much that he hasn’t had a lot of time to play with it. We also have a Canon XT that I use a lot but I haven’t investigated all the settings. Your post inspires me to try some of them out though! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a fabulous picture-taking day!

  4. There is a class called “Shoot It” that might be interesting to you. It focuses mainly on how to shoot knitting and other crafts, but there were some interesting tidbits. (Also, they often have a promo where your first class is free.)

    Glad that you are enjoying the new camera!

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