I’ve done it again!

Here I am, at the end of our project with much too much to say and WAY too many pictures to share and trying to figure out just what to include and what to ‘back burner’. So first of all let me say that this was a wonderful project. I know, I know, I say that at almost every one, but this one had a slightly different “flavor” than any other project we’ve worked so far. This month we not only worked with another group of volunteers (RVICS), but we also played and prayed with them. While we’ve often been on projects with other volunteers, we’ve rarely had the opportunity to really work together. This month was a beautiful example of “We all serve the same King – we just travel under different initials!”
(Roving Volunteers In Christ’s Service and Servants On Wheels Ever Ready)

We started each day with joint devotions, sharing a bit of our life stories and how Jesus is working in our lives today.
Precious time (even though this is a pretty sorry picture!) indeed.

We ladies kept busy at the current campus – 4 of us in the kitchen making cookies and cupcakes for the summer campers
and 3 of us were in the room next door cutting down donated blankets to a more practical size and converting old sheets into pillow cases.
Women's Work-4
We also did a couple of days of deep cleaning, but let’s face it – it was the baking and sewing that I’m choosing to remember!
Loma de Vida Ladies
Most days the guys were working on the Servants’ Lodge up at the new property.
New Location-8
And man, were those guys busy! They put in the windows and doors, began the siding, and roughed in the plumbing and electric.
This is the control panel for the water system when we visited early in the second week –
New Location-10
And this is what it looked like when I returned on one of the last days of work –
Yikes! It almost looks like artwork!
And looking up was close to mind-boggling (for us non-mechanic types!)
Needless to say, I did not do a very good job of catching the guys at their respective jobs – but here is the guys’ collage –
2013 01 25

But we didn’t just spend our days together, we also did a fair bit of playing together too! The RVICS introduced us to “Chair Volleyball” – which is played with a (slightly weighted) balloon and the trick is you CANNOT get out of your chair.
We played girls against the guys – and let’s just say that everyone went home with a winner! 🙂
We did a bit of “touring” together
and even had an evening of Show and Tell –
Barry's Flashlights
That’s Barry sharing his flashlight collection (which he didn’t realize he actually had until he started counting them!)
And this is Nona – getting ready for a skit!
Nona at her finest!
What’s not to love about these new friends!
Someone once said to me that the end of each project must be like the end of summer camp when you have to say good-bye to new friends that have become so very dear. And truly, that is how it feels this month. And we are so very thankful to have added some unexpected friends into our lives!
(The sweet young couples at the bottom of the collage are the two brothers that run this camp (and their beautiful wives, of course!) and the kids all belong to them. An extra bit of goodness for our month!)

And even though one of our couples has already left the project (sniff) we ladies are planning a fun Ladies’ Day Out  today – lunch and a couple of thrift shops, including a Ropa Usada. We’re planning on making these last couple of days at Camp Loma de Vida memorable!

If you’d like to see more of our pictures from the camp, you can check them out HERE!



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