February Resolutions

I know that most folks work on resolutions back in January when the whole year ahead seems fresh and new. I’m sure I made some at that time too. (How quickly we forget!) But right now I’m looking at some shorter-term resolutions. Like things that I will try to do consistently during the month of February, or goals that I hope to accomplish during the month. The list isn’t long, but then again, neither is the month!

So here goes –

  1. Write a letter (or postcard to the littlest ones) to each of my grandchildren.  Real letters.  Interesting letters.  And letters that I hope will generate a response!  Maybe I’ll even send some stationery and stamps!  Sometimes it’s hard being the “far away” Grams and Pops and I’ve been convicted lately that I need to work harder at building a relationship with each of the grands at their own level.  Our oldest turns 10 this weekend, and I just know she’ll be in college before I turn around.  I better get on the stick!
  2. Learn 5 new things about my new camera.
  3. Post something on this blog each day.  It might just be a picture or a quote or even a memory from a previous adventure. I’ll try to keep away from the mundane, but I hope that if I stick with it, in the end I’ll be a more faithful “blogger”.  And I figured that since February was a short month, maybe it was doable!
  4. Take a walk every day. (So as not to ruin the resolution on the very first day, I’m counting my walking around the campground today several times to welcome the SOWERS as they arrived as my walk.)

So there you have it. I told you it was a short list! And since I (obviously) already have this post to cover today’s entry, I should probably stop while I’m ahead. But I did want to let you know that following a 30 minute drive yesterday morning
we have arrived safely at our February neighborhood.
While we’ll be working at the Macedonian Christian Academy, we’re actually parked about a mile away at a little private campground. It’s an eclectic mix of volunteers’ RVs (there are six of us, and six RVICS), seasonal units and some that seem to be year ’round. We’re just getting to know the neighborhood, but we’re looking forward to our month here.

See you tomorrow, friends!

2 thoughts on “February Resolutions”

  1. We are in Big Pine Key for the weekend. Went out to Key West today for some sightseeing. Jennifer and family are with us also. It is our youngest grandchilds 4th birthday today. She is so cute. Her brother Caleb is our oldest grandchild and he’ll be 12 in May. They do grow up so fast. Jennifer and family leave tomorrow and we will head back to Ft Lauderdale area to the campground on Monday. Then some more adventures. Not missing the cold weather in PA!!

  2. Hey, Carol! So glad to hear you’re enjoying your first foray into extended RVing! Let me know when you’re ready to check out a SOWER project! 🙂

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