First Day on the Job

Let’s face it.  ANY first day on the job is bound to be a little chaotic.  Add into the picture 24 people (12 for each Group Leader) starting the job (with a variety of skills) and you know the day is going to hit some bumps.
We started out our morning with a meeting with Juan, our host and job “distributor”, and it was wonderful to learn more of his story, and the history of the school where we’re working this month.
Macedonian Christian Academy is a small, but growing Christian school, founded in 1987. After we were inspired by Juan’s testimony, we headed off to the current school for a quick tour.

MCA has outgrown its current building facility and recently purchased more acreage and is getting ready to start building! And for the guys THAT will be their main focus. Several of the guys will be manning the big earth movers and compactors as they prepare the site for the concrete work. They’ll also be working on putting in an RV site for the (volunteer) General Contractor who will live on site once the building gets going. Today some of them worked on getting some of the heavy equipment moved to the property, while the rest worked on repainting the pavilion rest rooms which had (sadly) been the target of some weekend graffiti. Even with the late start, it was still a profitable day!

Between the testimony time and the tour, we ladies pretty much ran out of morning, so our first full day of work will be tomorrow. Looks like we’ll be mostly concentrating on some sewing projects, including some dress alterations. And that could be a stretch for some of us! But it looks like we’ve got a great group of ladies, so I’m sure that it will all work out in the end!

Like last month, we are sharing the load with another group of volunteers – RVICS. There are 6 SOWER couples and 6 RVIC couples. It might take us a couple of days to get into the rhythm of the job (12 couples is a lot!), but I’m confident that lots of work will be getting done in the three weeks ahead!

Oh, and remember the walking commitment? Well, that’s working out pretty well too!

See ya tomorrow! Right?

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  1. Significantly, NO overcoats, no boots, no scarves, no mittens … no red noses, no breath clouds. Well, maybe Trooper, PA will be pretty warm compared to Traverse City, Michigan where I head to on Sunday. Just bought my first down coat rated to -40 degrees.


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