An interesting week

As “First Week on the Project”‘s go, it was a pretty interesting week. The guys that were working at the new property (you know, playing on those big tractors and such) were having just a bit of frustration with some equipment failures and other delays.
There is a lot of dirt to move –
and finally today the professionals were called in
to get the different levels of dirt correct.
This is the pavilion that needed to be painted earlier this week due the weekend graffiti attack!
The team that was working at the school was busy doing everything from changing filters to building stage props
to building shelves in a trailer.
Shelf building
Meanwhile the “girls team” kept busy with a different chore each day!
Tuesday we did a thorough cleaning of the school kitchen
Kitchen organization
(Matching lids to containers and throwing away anything that didn’t have a mate – now that’s a job we all put off!)
Wednesday we tackled a painting job (no documentation of that) and then on Thursday we sewed up three valances and got them hung in the K-5 classroom.
Curtain hanging
K-4 and the new curtains
(such cuties!!)
The dresses that will be needing those alterations arrived just today, so we’ll start that project on Monday. Nothing like a little job security!

We finished off our work week with a game night and we learned a new game – Fast Track.
Name that game!
It’s a variation of Pegs and Jokers, which is a variation of the game “Sorry” which is (I believe) a variation of Parcheesi. It was a fun evening just to kick back and relax – and it’s nice to know that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks (as long as it’s kind of like the old tricks!). 🙂

Tomorrow we’re off to Mexico.  Ah, the adventure of it all!

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