Once again, this project is flying by! It’s hard to believe there are only  5 work days left of the project, and only 8 until we hit the road towards our March project (in Louisiana). This week we have settled nicely into the main task that the school wanted us to accomplish.

See these dresses? –
MCA Dresses 1
They were donated from a college somewhere and the school wants to be able to use them for the choral and fine arts performances. So ten of them needed to altered to fit the current female performers, and several of them needed to be cut up and made into cummerbunds and bow ties for the guys. Since we couldn’t fit the girls until today, we got started earlier in the week on the cummerbunds and bow ties.
MCA Dresses 7
We had to cut the dresses apart, then find the pieces that were big enough for a cummerbund (it’s amazing how much fabric a pleated cummerbund takes). Then there was the interfacing and the lining and figuring out the closures….phew, I’m really glad that one of the other talented ladies spearheaded that project. We’re tasked with making 20 sets for the guys (since they’re not so size specific (just S-M-L)) we can make enough for the years to come.) I’ve been mostly sewing on the cummerbunds, and we’re almost halfway done on those. I think getting them done by the end of the project should not be a problem!
Today we were able to meet up with the 10 girls that need dresses.
MCA Dresses 3
As you can see, there was quite a variety of sizes we were working with. 🙂
MCA Dresses 2
Fortunately, most of the dresses needed very little altering. Phew, again! A couple needed a bit taken in over the hips, and almost all of them needed some hem adjustment.
MCA Dresses 4
Only one was dramatic – kind of like taking a size 8 and turning it into a size 2! But God placed a SOWER lady on the project who does alterations, so we all let out a huge sigh of relief.
MCA Dresses 5
Our hero, Suzy!

So it’s been a good week for the ladies. We’ve found our sewing niches, and it looks like we’ll get everything done before the project ends.
MCA Dresses 6

The team of guys that was working at the school have just about finished up their “to-do” list, and the team working on the dirt work at the new school location – well, that’s not going quite as well. They’ve been plagued with multiple breakdowns, flat tires, and general difficulties.
The guys have been a bit discouraged, as is our host, Juan.
But on a brighter (and quite distracting) note, Juan did just welcome a sweet (and healthy) baby girl into the family today! Welcome, Mary Jane Elizabeth!
Don’t worry, sweetie – I’m sure those tractors will all be working tomorrow!

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