Sensory Overload

From start to finish, today was a day of sensory overloads!

We began the day with an unplanned trip back to Mexico to take care of a  dental “issue” for Gary (one of his bridges fell out!).

Since we didn’t have an appointment we had a bit of a wait, so we took a little stroll around town.  Generally Gary likes to walk in the street because the sideways are so very full of vendors and folks selling all nature of Mexican Stuff!
There were many food options –
Mexico Food
Many jewelry options –
And many options to buy any number of Mexican souvenirs –
Mexico Overload
Progresso vendor
Pretty lady, you want a basket??????
And of course, what’s a trip into Mexico without a stop at your favorite Pharmacy –
Back in Mexico for the morning!
I loved this little boy in the shoe shine chair –
While we didn’t go to the dentisto in this little group of shops, I do believe it’s one of the nicest little group of shops (mostly dentists) in Progreso!
With the crown attached, the vanilla purchased and the last of the souvenirs secured, we crossed back into the good ol’ USA!
I really love these Texas fields –
Our next stop of the day –
The Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show
Yes, Gary (bless his heart) joined his wife and about 300 other woman (give or take a few) to check out the vendors and the beautiful quilts!
RGV Qiuilt Show 2
(The other guy in the picture is a vendor. He doesn’t count!)
RGV Quilt Show 1
The quilts were all wonderful, but since I was only working with my phone camera (which did pretty well on the close-ups but not so great on the over-all quilt shots), we’ll go with a representative sample of some of the beautiful (and inspiring) quilts that were on display.
I love that my hubby is such a good sport about these things!
Here’s a shot from the other entrance to the McAllen Convention Center, looking into the city –
We stopped for a late lunch and then back to the campground to recover from all the colors of the day. (That means we took naps.)
And just when we were getting ready to get comfy for the evening, friends stopped by to say they had free tickets to a concert benefiting the Texas Lions Camp for children with disabilities. I guess because we were all rested up, we decided to go!
There were the Men of A-Chord – a barbershop group of over 60 men (all of whom are over 60!)
and the Rio Grande Valley Concert Band –
Both of them excellent!
So it was a day full of color and texture and sound (and no Novocaine for Gary), and I must tell you WE ARE BEAT!!!! Gary is long gone, and I’m headed that way once I give this one more proof-read and hit the Publish button!

See ya tomorrow!

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