Mariachi and Folklorico

One of the highlights of time in The Valley LAST time we were here (2006) was a Mariachi and Folklorico (Folk Dancing) concert given by one of the area high schools. It was OUTSTANDING! In the seven years since we were here the program has expanded and two other high schools now have the same program. And much to our delight we were able to get to one of the concerts this afternoon!
We were sitting in the balcony, and I only had my cell phone, but I think you can capture some of the energy of these young people!
Just the costume changes pretty much blew us away!
There was A LOT of skirt twirling going on, believe you me!
The Mariachi band was excellent – just not quite as flamboyant as those dancers!
The grand finale was a huge festival – so amazing!
The talent and enthusiasm of those young people was incredible. We were exhausted just watching them!

One final funny story about the concert. The Mariachi band was at the door greeting people as they entered the concert hall. I noticed that one of the kids standing there had a camera so (jokingly, I thought) I asked if they’d like to take our picture with them. Sure, they said! So we all gathered together and she snapped a couple of shots. As we wished them the best in the concert, Gary pulled out a business card and asked if she could email us the picture. (My thought would be that as she was looking through the pictures she would just pause at that one and think to herself – who the heck were THOSE people??) She kindly took the card and said sure. Enter building, find seats, enjoy the concert, forget about the picture. Imagine our surprise when one of our group was approached by the photographer who then handed him three prints of the picture! She not only (somehow) printed out the picture, but managed to find Bill (there were only a couple of thousand folks there) and get the pictures to him! How crazy is that! She said she’d try to email it too, but meanwhile….
I took a picture of the picture so I could share it with you!!

So this was a crazy busy weekend. I mean Crazy Busy. Mexico. Quilts. Flea Market. Concert. Wildlife Refuge. Concert. We don’t usually pack quite so much into a couple of days, but it sure has been fun! The week ahead (our last week on the project) promises to be just about as busy. SOWER gathering, Volunteer Pot-luck, stocking up on Citrus (yum), one last trip to Costco (gotta take advantage of that when there’s one close!), wrapping up the project and getting ready to hit the road. Oh, and doing a post every day! ūüėČ

Have a good week, everyone!

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