FAQ #2

Probably the second most asked question we get is –
What’s your favorite place/project?
And believe me, that’s a really tough question.
First of all – Places.
My. oh. my – we’ve been in some beautiful places!

Salmon LakeMontana
Alaskan Drive - Day 15-4
Road Trip-32
Lake Tahoe Day-11
Lake Tahoe
Bryce Canyon-9
PA Barn

Let’s face it – this is a country rich in beauty and diversity. And the fact that we’ve been able travel through all but two (continental) states  (Nebraska and North Dakota) – well, that just about blows me away! And to then choose a favorite place? Well it’s just about impossible. Because every time I think about a place that I especially loved, I think – oh wait, what about…..? Or maybe….?  I think I better just stick with my heart on this one –

cabin header

Of course, it’s the beloved family cabin in Vermont. Still (and always will) has the first place in my heart!

And favorite SOWER projects? Again, impossible to say. We’ve worked at over 65 different locations in these last 8+ years, and I can honestly say there isn’t one that I didn’t like. We don’t usually repeat projects, but that’s not because we didn’t enjoy working there. It’s just because we always enjoy the adventure of working at new ministries. I’ve often said that each project has its own flavor – and that is very true. The people we’ve met, the ministries we’ve become aware of (everything from camps and conference centers to rescue missions and homeless shelters), the ways we’ve seen God at work all around the country – THAT’S my favorite project. For truly we have learned that God cannot be kept in a box and that He is working around the country (and the world,of course!) in unexpected ways and in unlikely places to bring people to Himself!

How blessed we are to be on this journey! And we thank you for joining us along the way!

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