The road and the running W

We said good-bye to our friends at the campground this morning –
and hit the road!
On the road again....which thankfully will get wider as we go!
Fortunately, the roads only got wider from this point on!
And that’s a good thing given what we spotted coming towards us later in the morning (divided highway, thank goodness!)
Can you see it over there?
Yep, it was a house! And believe me there was one long line of traffic stretched out behind it! Really glad it was headed the other way! We didn’t have a heavy travel day so we decided to stop and be a tourist along the way. And since we’ve heard a lot about it, we took a tour of King Ranch.
While we waited for our tour, I was busy with the camera!
I took this one with my cell phone, but I think it does a good job of capturing the King Ranch “aura”. 🙂
Getting ready for the tour at King Ranch......
King Ranch-1
(working on my depth of field…..)
King Ranch-2
This is the visitor’s center –
King Ranch-3
The tour was very interesting, though I was a bit disappointed that we were never able to get out of the van.
King Ranch-4
These are King Ranch quarter horses that are still bred and used on the ranch (though mostly they use their trusty pick-up trucks :)).
King Ranch-7
The Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle that was developed in the late 1930’s by the ranch.
I was most disappointed that we could not walk around the beautiful family home –
King Ranch-10
King Ranch-11
King Ranch-12
King Ranch-13
This was the carriage house –
King Ranch-8
King Ranch-14

King Ranch is a massive operation – not just here in South Texas, but also in Florida. They are very diversified these days – from cattle to citrus, and pecans to publishing, it was pretty amazing to learn about this huge enterprise.

Back on the road by 3:00, and settled in a Walmart by 6:00 just 25 miles from where we need to be tomorrow morning . It was a good day on the road!


See ya, tomorrow!

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