A Quick One

After we got settled at PPL (where we were leaving the RV and where we have an appointment on Monday to get our cracked windshield replaced. Did I mention that we’re pretty close to downtown Houston? This is our view!),
Parking Spot
we locked ‘er up and headed to Waco!
Thank goodness, we were in the truck!
Of course, we weren’t in Houston traffic for too long, and soon we were enjoying our drive through the Texas countryside.
TX Road-1
TX Road-2
TX Road-3
Ah, so much better than city traffic!
So why another weekend in Waco? Well, in the first place, we wanted to see Lara one more time before we left Texas and this was really the only chance we had. We were able to meet a friend of hers from out of town, and as an added bonus, we were also able to attend an engagement party for a sweet couple that we have come to love! Between the party, some house time, and some general bopping about after the party, I think we got to see almost all of our Waco friends. Not bad for a 24hr. visit! (Sorry we missed you, Marcus! 🙁 ) I was really bad at taking pictures of those dear folks, but hey –
here are a couple of our hotel room (Lara’s house was all full up!) –
Pretty sure we could call this the Dallas Cowboys Room. It was like having a little mini-vacation!
On our trip back, we stopped in the small (dare I say quaint) town of Calvert
to check out Cocoamoda
a gourmet chocolate shop that Lara highly recommended.
Oh, my – these truffles were exquisite!
We struck up a conversation with the owner (and candy maker), Ken –
and as we were discussing our choices (all delicious) he not only offered to let us sample one (Key Lime Pie Truffle), but later invited us to join him for a cup of espresso (his treat!).
Espresso and  truffles at Cocoamoda in Calvert, TX. What a treat!
Needless to say we purchased a small selection (they are $3.00 EACH!!! – so you can see why I was so surprised that he offered us a sample!), and we’ll be savoring them in the days to come!
A truffle a day must keep something away, right? 🙂

So our trip was indeed a ‘quick one’ – but so very worthwhile. We’ve made some good friends there in Waco, and we were so glad we were able to get in some last minute (and some unexpected) hugs!

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