OK, so do you remember our plan to get up at 4 AM to drive across Houston? Well, we did indeed to to bed, and I think Gary got a little bit of sleep. But we were both awake at midnight, so we decided to just up and go!
Although the 4 AM plan would have worked just as well, it was nice to get the city drive behind us!
Yeah, if I’m on a 4 lane highway going through a major metropolitan area, THIS is the traffic pattern I’m looking for!
We were through the city and settled into a Walmart in Cleveland, TX before 1 AM. And back to bed we went! 🙂

We were back on the road the next morning, and I confess I was delighted when our journey began to look like this –
Education Alert – this area (and the area where we are camping) is called the Pineywoods and it is in high contrast to most of the areas of Texas that we are familiar with (especially the last two months!). Loved it!
Before long we were nearing the B.A. Steinhagen ReservoirHoustontoSandyCreek-5
and our home for the next three days.
Today was bright and sunny, but incredibly windy. You can’t quite see the whitecaps on the lake, but trust me, it was crazy! We spent the day enjoying the quiet, catching up on our sleep, and generally unwinding. And by the time evening fell –
Let’s all say it together –

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  1. I need to learn how to do this web sight. It is so cool the way the pictures follow your trip. So how do you tow a truck on all 4 down. Is it a stick?

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